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  1. v1raj

    Wanted Audi A3 8V Parcel Shelf Straps

    Seen these go for about £15 each from Audi parts. Can't justify this for a piece of string! Need both left and right.
  2. v1raj

    Good deal on Shell Helix Ultra Engine Oil

    Hi guys, Looking for some oil and came across this deal: What do people think of this stuff? Who's used it? Any feedback? I have a 8V 2ltr TDI (184) and was considering it.
  3. v1raj

    Possible fan issue?

    Picked up my new used A3 over the weekend and think there might be an issue with it. Did a couple of small journies, possibly 3-4miles, after turning the engine off, noticed the fan was running as I got out the car. Thought nothing of it as seen this on a few vehicles, however, nearly 30minutes...
  4. v1raj

    Will Audi Move A Car For A Potential Sale?

    So, after a few months of looking, found a car i like however, its over 300miles from where i live. Normally i wouldnt mind the road trip, especially on the way back, however, having a little one just a few weeks old, i really cant be doing that long of a haul with her (no carers). Have asked...
  5. v1raj

    Wait for 184 or settle with 150

    So im looking to purchase an A3 Sportback (manual).. I'm ideally after the 184hp tdi, in either Misano or Daytona with heated leather (B&O would be a cherry on top). Price range is £15-16k. Really struggling to find one in this region, however im finding a lot of 150hp's with the above specs...
  6. v1raj

    Considering buying an A3/S3 - How did you buy yours?

    Hi guys, Been a while since i posted, but now considering coming back to an Audi after a stint in a VW. I'm looking at an S3 (Sportback), however im still weighing up all the options of the best way to purchase, either cash outright, or finance. Ccash outright would be great as i wouldn't...
  7. v1raj

    How Do I.. Replace A Bi-Xenon Bulb, Without Taking The Bumper Off...

    Hey guys, On the way to work today a "Dipped Right Headlight" error appeared on my DIS.. As expected, the drivers side headlight was out (passenger still on). I upgraded the bulbs to 6k ones earlier in the year and still have the originals at home.. Is there any way i can replace the bulb...
  8. v1raj

    EMTuning - Audi A3 DPF Delete Package

    So for the past couple of weeks my DPF sensor has been throwing up errors on the DIS. I had gone through the various methods of clearing the faults.. Some days it worked, some days it didn't. So, i decided to get the DPF removed. EMTuning (Welcome To EMTuning - ECU Tuning, Vehicle Lighting...
  9. v1raj

    Car cut out whilst on the M1 today - 'Relay' Error Message...

    Hey guys, As the title says, on the way to work this morning (7.30), i was driving on the M1 and my A3 completely cut out on me. Brakes went stiff... Couldn't turn the wheels... I'm surprised i managed to get it to the hard shoulder if im being honest! After waiting hours for the AA, finally...
  10. v1raj

    My First Audi A3

    Hey guys, Some of you may remember i started a thread a month or so ago about a particular A3 i found... Well, i went down to look at it a couple of weeks ago and couldn't stop smiling whilst driving home :yum:. A few of members on here said it was over priced, well i managed to get it down...
  11. v1raj

    Finally found what i'm looking for... What do you guys think?

    Hey guys, I've been searching for a particular A3 for a couple months now and think i've found it. Here's the link: What do you guys think? Am i right in thinking it's a tad over priced?? Thanks.
  12. v1raj

    Looking a particular A3 thread..

    Hi guys, I'm going to be creating a wanted ad for an A3 soon.. Good fair few months ago i remember a thread that listed all the types of A3's, including facelifts, think Boydie created it. Been searching for ages but cant find it. Anyone know what thread im talking about? Thanks.