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    19" wheels on a6

    Hello Recently i bought a6 2.7 tdi 06 sline. id like to get 19" wheels on it they called a6 speedline (a lot of spokes) but i need advice with size 8j,8.5j or 9j and what offset and finally what tyres size to make archers filled nicely and no rubbing?(ive seen a lot of a6 with these wheels...
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    buying a6 2.7 tdi s line

    Hi Im about to buy 06 plate 2.7 tdi s line with just over 90k. Just need advice guys what should i look for, any issues with that model etc...
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    Just to let you know guys i will be leaving soon as my car goes on sale. it been very good time being here and i learned so much. save a lot of money on my car by reading helpful posts. I will be poping back and read sometimes. All best to everyone.
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    Anyone living close to warrington?

    Im not sure if i can post it her about it. Hi. Im after favour:) if anyone lives close to warrington in Cheshire . There is a garage there - im after that black a6 s line 3.0 tdi. if anyone willing to go have a quick look on that car for...
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    blue smoke

    Hi guys. i got a little concern. when i drive - after change gear - (2,3,4) and put press accelerator got blue smoke coming out of exhaust. i can see it in rear window. when i stop and just rev it - i got black and sometimes a bit blue smoke coming out. what is the problem?
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    Finally after weeks of preperation and waiting for parts i managed to do this conversion today (still wating for bonnet to be resprayed). With a little help of my mate we've done it and im happy with results. I will put some more pic later on after i will wash my car. Just wanna say big thanks...
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    S line and grills

    Hello Im in the middle of doing frotn end conversion. Im got problem with fog lights not fitting covers properly. Or is it me that dont know how they fit? Please help
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    Audi A6 3.0 tdi advice

    Hello Im after advice. My friend is thinking to buy one of these. there is one with 05 plate with 110k mileage. Is it alot? Anyone had experience with this car? Thanks for any hones output
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    Wheel spacers swap

    hello Im not sure if i can put that tread here but If anyone wants swap from 10 mm spacers to 15 mm im happy to do it. i got 15 mm hubcentrics (on rear) but they are too big (got rubbing on corners, the same story with 12mm). If someone is interested please pm me
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    Interior Lights Mod Completed

    Finally i managed to put all in and got some pics (they are very dark and not good quality - dont know why). Big Big tanks to toby cruise for his very useful tread about this mod. Very happy with result. Only thing which is annoying - color of leds - very hard to find matching colors.
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    about payments to german sellers

    hi lads i just got myself leather armrest of german ebay. (for 30 euros:))) ) the problem is seller does not have paypal account. whats best and cheapest way to pay for it?
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    About crash sensor..

    hello lads. im after crash sensors for my collegue. he's got audi a4 2003 1.9 tdi 100 se. part no: (front) - 8E959651 (B), (side) - 8E959643 (D), anyone could provide me with these? what would be cost?
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    Getting bored...

    have you guys experienced that feeling of getting bored with your a3?? there are days that i like it and want to do more mods, changes, enjoy driving, and other days when i want just sell it cus rattles are upseting me or sth else, sell it and buy i.e skoda octavia vrs
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    About reg plate light

    hi Could anyone tell me where can I buy screws to hold reg plate light for a3 2004??
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    A3 rear speakers

    Hi Ive got a little problem. one of rear speakers (located in boot on each side) became producing noises that i do not like:) ive been thinking to buy new pair. would anyone recommend good ones with better preformance replecement??? i do not want to spend a lot of money as i got other...
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    new wheels and coils

    finally i got it done. with n8kow's help/advice:) new rs6 style wheels and weitec gt;s on. ride is some much comfortable. my previous coils (nestle kinderegg belgium hottunning will be in the bin:) ) shall i put wheel spacers? i will make some more pics tomorrow. on back?
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    engine bottom cover

    hi lads ive got bottom engine cover fitted 2 mths ago. when i was traveling through germany its its been hit. also got dent in archer front passanger side. is that engine bottom cover is nessesary???
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    which wheels to go with?

    hi lads im fancing to change wheels. want to go for 18" this time instead to 19" due to rubbing and comfort of driving. anyone got pics grey a3 8p with n 1) bbs ch style silver 2) bbs ch black style (could be with thar red line) 3) ace co36 red some posts and people recommend to go for et50...
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    good garage in somerset?

    hi lads i need advice. anyone knows good garage in somerset that could fix my door rattling?
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    anyone seen these wheels on a3? im thinking to get these wheels but maybe somebody got pics of them on??