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  1. Dunders

    Q8 Q8 to Q3 Sportback

    Well after only 10 months it's nearly time to say goodbye to the Q8 as today I pulled the trigger and ordered a Q3 Sportback. Whilst I liked the Q8 I never truly gelled with it as I never really got to grips with the size or the weight - not that either were a surprise - or the wallowy ride...
  2. Dunders


    What a a sodding puncture. Small tear on the inside edge of the front nearside tyre. Must of driven over something with a sharp edge to do that. Only good news is I spotted it pretty quickly so no damage to rim. Looks stupid on the space saver but at least it has one and I could...
  3. Dunders

    Audi Connect

    I don't seem to be able to get Audi Connect/MyAudi to work - it just won't connect to the car and sync and says the servers aren't working and to try again later. I've only had the car since Friday but having read the manual and searched on here I think I'm doing everything right. Anyone else...