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  1. craigt1985

    My Belated build thread

    Turbo looks shiny! Be interesting to see how it performs compared to the older tech. I'd be keen to buy the Zinram exhaust, was looking to buy one direct anyways, give me a PM when you do decide to sell it :)
  2. craigt1985

    Turbo’s Obviously it's not as good as real world performance figures, but guess you'll struggle to find too much info on it all.
  3. craigt1985


    There's a thread on the VWVortex forum where if you ask nicely and give the info on your setup, goals and potential turbo options the chap will give a breakdown of how each turbo would expect to perform and the best option for your goals. Guess you're looking at genuine GEN2 Garrett stuff and...
  4. craigt1985

    Looking for some advice on handling on a A3 8l. Some track use

    Sorry, just seen your response, i'll have a look into it for you :)
  5. craigt1985

    Looking for some advice on handling on a A3 8l. Some track use

    Have a 25mm rear Eibach ARB hanging up in the garage if you need one?
  6. craigt1985

    My s3 v6 build

    That's fired and galled up a lot! Clean it up and bung it in the freezer, might help. But looks like it's a bit tight! Could get the dog bone reamed out if you really want to use it?
  7. craigt1985

    Found the one. 2003 Ming blue S3

    Love it, i've got one in that colour too! Look after it!
  8. craigt1985

    What have you done today?

    Tossing up between this and the Zinram exhaust as they're about the same price, just question how good those electronic valves are and how long they'd survive... Would prefer a vacuum actuated valve. Didn't realise Zinram were so hit or miss with the customer service side of things!
  9. craigt1985

    My s3 v6 build

    That's fair enough, just saw these and thought maybe useful :)
  10. craigt1985

    My s3 v6 build

    I know you were looking at different housings not sure if something from Arashi would be any good, couple hundred quid cheaper than genuine....
  11. craigt1985


    A lot of shops stock some items they wouldn't necessarily recommend as the best option, but if enough customers demand a cheaper non drilled rod, then I understand why Bill would stock a decent quality cheaper alternative. I'm speculating, but I imagine they've most likely got much better...
  12. craigt1985

    Basils had a S3X change :D

    Strange, mine went in with no problems at all. I'll check what settings were used. Could be a an issue with the bolt, concentrating the strain that would ordinarily be dealt with the bolt stretching, on that one point and then boom. no signs of damage? What do the sheared ends of the bolt look like?
  13. craigt1985

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Underselling it a bit!...
  14. craigt1985

    Brembo 18Z Calipers (Yes it's a new set of questions)

    Acquired*, sorry three times in a row got to me :tearsofjoy:
  15. craigt1985

    S3 8L 3" Exhaust

    Cheers for that, interesting to see the difference in the two set ups. Got a friend local that is just decided to go alone and set up his own custom exhaust company. So should end up with something like the Zinram that'll do that job without costing a fortune..
  16. craigt1985

    S3 8L 3" Exhaust

    That's what I've got my old man and his Discovery/twin axle trailer for...
  17. craigt1985

    S3 8L 3" Exhaust

    Ah you lucky so and so, that would have been ideal! I guess i can keep shopping around, i'll shove a post up on here and facebook and see what comes up. How have you found your Zinram sound and quality wise?
  18. craigt1985

    S3 8L 3" Exhaust

    That's what i'd assumed, but the local places around Plymouth seem to want to bend me over before wining and dining me. Was quoted £680 for a 3" stainless cat back from one company, just hoped there might be someone who's had good proven results from a particular place.
  19. craigt1985

    S3 8L 3" Exhaust

    I've just sold my Milltek and i'm looking for a freer flowing, larger 3"/76mm cat back exhaust. I've currently been looking at the Zinram offering: Or the non res cat back version...
  20. craigt1985

    1.8T track car engine tuning G25-660

    Got Rosten springs in my head, not installed the engine yet, so yet to see how they perform.