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    New Ford Focus RS

    I do quite like it , would i spend 27k ( after options ) on one , no! On 5th gear , it said 0-60 was 6.2 ( i can't remember 100% ) power and torque are limited in lower gears to stop it spinning/torque steer.
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    Anyone looking to sell their s3 07?

    Only advice is , if you think you may want the bucket seats in future , then hold out for a car with them in , as to retro fit them will cost 4k.
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    Just driven an RS4..... Bit slow arn't they?

    Sort of like a boxer putting on the pounds and moving up a weight or two?
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    Paint to touch up chips

    I would never dream of touching the paint up myself , if it's not done right it looks a mess! Get a pro to do it or wait till it's pretty bad and get the whole area resprayed.
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    S3 used

    The Renaults will handle better than the S3 ( not by much mind ) and be more fun , they have a fantastic chassis on the sport Renaults. The S3 has the class and the build over them , and if tunning your things you can get good power from the Audi for £1000 , the R26 seems to stop at 270bhp.
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    S3 used

    There are more fun cars out there , do they have Audi class build? no , not at this price point with four seats! You need to decide what you want/need from the car. 22mpg around town seems to be the norm p
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    S3 8P owners Poll

    I voted all rounder. After stepping away from the S3 , i'm finding that going from A-B / day to day driving it's not that special , there are other car just as good , if not better to do your commute/sat in traffic in. What i'm trying to say is.......If you don't take it on B-roads/back...
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    some **** just stole my mirrors !!

    Yep , brand new boxed , PM me for details p
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    has anyone sprayed or changed their s3 mirrors

    Ive got a set of boxed/brand new Phantom black mirror caps , they cost......( wait for it )............£184 the pair from Audi. PM me for details p
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    A few little bits..

    As i don't have the S3 anymore i have a few bits for sale. OEM S3 springs , ideal if you have a lesser model and want the S3 look( aprox 6500 miles covered ) OEM S3 crome grill or you fancy a change from the black grill ( as above , aprox 6500 covered ) OEM A3/S3 18 inc space saver wheel ...
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    opinions please?

    Deffo don't pay for. Asset protector ( GAP ) Body Care TAX Tank of fuel Bargain hard and get them thrown in as part of the deal!
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    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

    Hiya mate Not nice at all , that pal , i hope you and the GF are ok
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    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

    CID said , they usually leave them somewhere for 24 hours ie airport/Trafford centre to see if it's got a tracker fitted. A RS4 was stolen the other week and the Tracker was up and running within 13 mins , but the car was gone. Thats how fast these people work. p
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    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

    I wouldn't say my car sticks out like a sore thumb ( i don't live on a council or ex council estate ) but a S car is a decent car in anything other than the very rich areas. CID have just been round AUDI's ARE the no1 choice of stolen car. p
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    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

    The area where i live isn't bad , it's no " Avenue " , but it's not the Bronx either , it's the best i can afored. As ive said from when i first joined , i'm not really in the new-ish Audi S3 income bracket , it's just that i put owning my dream car before other things. p
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    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

    The way i'm seeing it is.........i was LUCKY this time , yeah my car got nicked , but thats insured , the lives of my loved ones are not. The scum will be back......clocking what car i got..........i'm not letting this happen time me or my family my not be so LUCKY , which it's...
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    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

    You are right mate , but i can't take the risk of something like this happening again. It's just not worth it.......Not at all. p
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    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

    Tonight my car was stolen. I had gone to work ( i take my wifes little Yaris and left mine at home ) the wife was letting the dogs out the back , when two lads burst in and demanded the keys , my son was up watching Chicken Little...... They got the keys and was off in a S3 flash , without...
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    S3 insurance

    Had my renewal this morning , and it was a grand saving of £20 per year!!! :keule: Does anybody know a few more of them insurance supermarket things ( i can't fill out 500 online forms ) such as , money suermarket? Thanks p
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    What is a fair price for a 2nd hand A3 RNS-e

    Around £550 seem to be the going rate on ebay , but as of late they seemed to have jumped up in price. Theres couple of reasons for this imho , as the A3/S3 is getting older and being sold on the original owners are sellimg up and the new owners want to retro fit a RNS-E , so theres more...