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    white paint on interior plasic

    used this and its done a really good job and not damaged the plastic... only small reminant left... recommend for interior cleaning for tough stains !
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    white paint on interior plasic

    after going into a garage I noticed when i got it back that clearly a technician had white paint on his shoes had transferred some splotches to my brake pedal and also the blue plasic trim down next to the accelerator pedal.. I tried some interior shampoo but no joy... Any ideas... I dont...
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    best for denim blue metalic - back to new

    thanks I have no knowledge of pro detailers with a good reputation.. can you suggest anywhere. I am in St Albans but wouldnt mind travelling if they came highly reccomended Thanks and regards Tim
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    auto glym shampoo

    Is it me or does this shampoo hardlt create any foam in the bucket !!! I end up almost cleaning the car with what looks like water !!! Is that shampoo supposed to give me loads of foam over the car or not... thanks and regards Tim
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    best for denim blue metalic - back to new

    thanks for the info yes there are swirl marks but there are also quite a few horizontal and vertical scrach lies about as long as a 30cm ruler !! must have been the previous owners washing technique.... I am using a wool hand mit with auto glym car shampoo... I am going to take it to a...
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    best for denim blue metalic - back to new

    thats the thing, I dont want to hide the scratches I want to get rid of em... :O(
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    best for denim blue metalic - back to new

    Hi After buying my approved used car one month ago with Auto Glym life shine ! I notice after washing alot of fine scratches on the bonnet... I reakon they polished the car up and hid all these blemishes. Now a couple of months on I am spotting a new scratch every weekend... Whats the best...
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    respray - will it remove stone chips

    will a front bumper respray be the best method to take away stone chips ? Im trying to get my car back to the condition it was in before getting cained with a gritter Thanks and regards Tim
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    front bumper re-spray

    I am thinking about getting my front bumper re-sprayed thanks to an incident with a gritter truck... resulting in lots of little chips. I have a metalic/pearl effect blue paintwork.. Would it be best to take it to the audi garage ? Will it blend with the rest of the car, or will re-spraying...
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    Gritters on motorway

    I came back late tonight from a flight and got caught behind a gritter on the motorway after cleaning my car to perfection. i basically got a hell of a load of gritt stuff on my bottet and car whilst overtaking the thing.... does the grit stuff ruin paintwork... If I get up tommorow and my...
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    black (tar) spots - autoglym or quick clay

    Hi due to reccomendations from this forum I have bought the meguiars clay and also a bottle of autoglym tar remover... I have had a coat of protector varnish which was put on my car when I bought it... will it be harmed if I use either of these products on my car ??? Thanks and regards Tim
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    black specks on paintwork

    thanks good that you told me this.. So what sort of washmitt do I look for ? made of what material ? I'm going to go to halfords next week.. so I'll pick up some bits then Thanks alot Tim
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    black specks on paintwork

    Thanks Where can I get this magical clay from ? Thanks and regards Tim
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    black specks on paintwork

    Hi guys I was washing my a3 Y reg today, got it a month back. I noticed these little black specks on the paintwork. I cant get them off with shampoo and a sponge... Any ideas what they are... Most of them are near the front wheel arches which makes me think its perhaps breakdust on my...
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    place to take my ride

    Hi Can anyone suggest a good place with nice people where I can take my lovely a3 quattro for servicing and general help. I only got it and want to keep the warranty intact.. I live in St albans and I am not getting good vibes from the Hatfield Audi .... Thanks alot Regards Tim