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  1. ben_harmer32

    whats it worth?

    Hi all, Thinking of selling my black 1999 S3 or breaking for parts? Just wandering what you think it's worth in It's current condition. It's got a 260bhp remap, stainless miltek silent exhaust, k&n panel filter. MOT Apr 2016. 160k miles, service history. Had blue alcantera heated seats, 16"...
  2. ben_harmer32

    Help with wheels please.

    Anyone know what wheels these are please? Need to find a replacement. See the 2 big cracks on the spokes from a nice pot hole I hit!! They are aftermarket wheels. I added the audi centre caps :)
  3. ben_harmer32

    Rattling Noise...

    Hi all. When i turn my car off there is a rattling noise (sounds like a lose heat shield) however noticed the other day if i press the clutch pedal and turn off no rattling noise. Any idea's please? Thank you in advance :)
  4. ben_harmer32

    What grade spark plugs? S3

    I have a 1999 S3. It has a stainless exhaust, K&N panel filter, forge recirc and remap to 260bhp. What grade spark plugs should i be looking at please? Also where's the best place to get coilpacks? Cheers! :)
  5. ben_harmer32

    Standard concert cassette player.

    Has anyone got a picture they can send me of the wiring diagram that was on the top of the cassette player as mine has come off and been misplaced :( Thank you :)
  6. ben_harmer32

    Anyone tried these headlights?

    Tuning FK Automotive | headlight Audi A3 Typ 8L Yr. 00-03 black | purchase online Any thoughts please?? cheers! :)
  7. ben_harmer32

    My Audi S3 8l

    As i first bought her last year :) Full service history K&N panel filter Forge recirc valve Milltek stainless silent CAT back exhaust Uprated clutch 265bhp remap Do a lot of long journeys with the kiddies so fitted some TV's into the headrest wired into the standard BOSE audi system...
  8. ben_harmer32

    Will these headlights fit my S3?

    Anyone know if these headlights will fit my 1999 S3, it's mainly the plug on the back i'm questioning? Tuning FK Automotive | headlight Angel Eyes Audi A3 Typ 8L Yr. 01-03 black | purchase online Cheers! :)
  9. ben_harmer32

    Which indicators?

    Trying to buy indicators for my 1999 S3. Which ones do i need as neither really look like the ones on the car lol (to long to short, to square to rectangle) 1. AUDI A3 8L SIDE INDICATOR REPEATERS - CRYSTAL BLACK | eBay 2. AUDI A3 8L SIDE INDICATOR REPEATERS - CRYSTAL BLACK | eBay Cheers! :)
  10. ben_harmer32

    Window tint law?

    Anyone now what levels of tint i can have on the front/back according to the law? Options i have to buy from: 5% limo, 20% dark smoke, 35% light smoke or 50% ultra light smoke or 70% supre ultra light smoke? Cheers! :)
  11. ben_harmer32

    Strange noise

    Very odd noise, sounds like a metal grinding noise possibly from passenger wheel side? Stops when the car isn't in motion, no change when i raise and lower the clutch etc so hoping nothing to do with that? Had to get out of my car and look under as sounded like metal scrapping along the...
  12. ben_harmer32

    *URGENT* Clutch pedal help

    Hi all, Was driving back from picking the Mrs up from work, stopped at a junction with clutch down. There was a loud crack, the car stalled and the clutch pedal was stuck to the ground. Managed to pull it back up and this popped off?? Pushed the car back round the corner to my house. Can...
  13. ben_harmer32

    Dogbone mount

    Went to the garage today to have my dogbone mount changed as there's a bang/clunk when I change gears. Garage started to do it but when undoing the middle bolt it started leaking gearbox oil. is this normal? Garage said aid they would ony do it if they fully drained the gearbox first, so gave...
  14. ben_harmer32

    Ticking noise from engine?

    Have a ticking noise from the left side of the engine (when standing in front of the car facing back) near the water pot? any ideas what it might be please?
  15. ben_harmer32

    S3 Uprated Coilpacks

    Does anyone make uprated coilpacks for the S3 (1999)? Remember upgrading on my skyline and it made a huge difference.
  16. ben_harmer32

    S3 8L Headrest Monitors

    Hi all, In the middle of fitting screens in my Audi. They are all in except i need to power them. Where is the best place in the car to tap into for power as they are just bare wires? Cheers for any help :)
  17. ben_harmer32

    Headlight help please?

    Hi all,. In the process of fitting facelift headlights to my 1999 S3 using the guide below: A3 Facelift Headlamp Upgrade - However on the wiring part (square plug round plug) it states that there is an udaptor on german ebay? Has anyone got a link to this please as i cannot find...
  18. ben_harmer32

    1999 S3 strange problem?

    Hi all, Wandering if anyone can help please? I was trying to fit an aftermarket head unit into my car. Got all the right ISO wires etc fitted it all and it wouldn't turn on. Tried for an hour or so then gave up. Removed the aftermarket unit and refitted the standard concert tape player...
  19. ben_harmer32

    Which ISO lead please?

    Hi all, Fitting an aftermarket headunit into my S3. However spent an hour at Halfords the other day and they couldn't figure out which ISO wire i needed? Can anyone here help please? I have a concert fully amplified bose system? Cheers Ben
  20. ben_harmer32

    Headunit ISO wires?

    Trying to fit an aftermarket JVC headunit to my 1999 S3 with BOSE system. Is the the ISO wire i need to fit it please? Active System Adapter AUDI A3 A4 A6 A8 mini ISO 100W Bose | eBay Many thanks Ben