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  1. Fiddie

    Sound Enhancing Resonator Delete Kit

    Word of the quattro GmbH re-branding to Audi Sport has suggested that performance parts and accessories are in Audi’s future. That appears to be evidenced by this new Sound Enhancing Resonator Delete Kit from Audi Genuine Accessories. Available now from Audi dealerships (at least confirmed for...
  2. Fiddie

    RS3 Haldex calibration on S3

    Hi! As I think you know, Haldex system on the new RS3 has been modified to get an agressive behavior as you can see in promotional videos. Do you think its posibble recalibrate Haldex system in our S3 as RS3 on official dealer without loose warranty? Thanks!
  3. Fiddie

    S3 aftermarket exhausts compilation

    Hi! For the ones that are searching for an aftermarket sport exhaust, we could make a compilation for a easy comparisons. Here are a few ones: Armytrix: Milltek: Remus...
  4. Fiddie

    APR S-Tronic TCU Upgrade

    It might be interesting for some of us... APR DQ250 DSG & S tronic TCU Upgrade :redrs4:
  5. Fiddie

    S3 vs Golf R

    Does anyone know why Golf R is quickly and it feels more "racing" than S3 when booth have the same MQB plattform and EA888 engine? I read some test's, reviews and forums and forums and always get the same opinion. p.e. In Hockenheim short (2604m), S3 8v laps on 1:16.80 (pos. 285) while Golf R...
  6. Fiddie

    S3 DSG Gearbox

    Does know anyone if there are any way to change the direction of the shift lever? I mean... pressing forward is for gear up and I would like to gear down. And pressing back I would like to gear up. Maybe Im too odd :ermm: Thanks!