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  1. cjhill

    A variant of the mileage thread... clutch ?

    Hello all, I know lots of us are starting to clock up impressive milage but what i want to know is how long has your clutch lasted ? Clearly this depends on a lot of factors - specific type of car, remap, driving style, number of launches etc but im on 120K and still going strong and want...
  2. cjhill

    1 squeak down, 99 to go.

    I have found the cause of a most annoying squeak and as i am so chuffed that i am that little bit closer to interior driving heaven i thought i would share it with you all in case you are having the same problem. The little clear plastic spacer fell out from under my door card on the...
  3. cjhill

    Probably been asked a million times - so you should know...

    If you lower an S3 by no more than 20mm, do you need adjustable thingymajigs on the rear - cant quite remember their name (tie bars?)? Have been searching for the answer for a while but cant quite see a definitive answer. Obviously i would'nt HAVE to, but if i dont what is the tyre wear...
  4. cjhill

    what does this light do ?

    As above... i've never seen it on, what does it mean ?
  5. cjhill

    rear tyre wear ?

    Dear all, Is it normal to have slightly higher tyre wear on the rear tyres of an S3? For the past two tyre changes i've noticed a slight difference. The rears are on the legal limit and the fronts still have about 1mm above the legal limit left. I would have thought this is a bit odd due...
  6. cjhill

    VAG parts ?

    Guys, i used to get all my parts from VAGparts but they seem to have gone bust. I know there is GSF but don't they mainly do non-genuine parts ? Does anyone know of any good web based companies that source parts from the factory in germany / get genuine parts ? I need quite a few bits...
  7. cjhill

    how to polish your fog lights....

    Dear all, Thank you all for providing many usefull guides and explanations for all things auid. I must have saved a bomb. As a thank you and an early xmas present, i thought i would share my experiences of fog light polishing... i think you'll agree it makes quite a difference to the...
  8. cjhill

    is this my diff about to go ?

    Dear all, I need some help. I don't known quite what the problem is but the symptoms are thus... On full lock, going either forward or backward and only at slow speed i get a jerking / increased resistance type feeling. Often as a result i either stall or need to increase the revs, this...
  9. cjhill

    leather care options... whats you experience ?

    Dear all, like many i would guess, my leather seats are looking a bit tiered, Has anyone tried any products that remove / reduce the crack marks and perhaps tighten the leather so it looks newer... Any ideas ? So far ive used a few products from halfrauds but none seem to do the job...
  10. cjhill

    Dealer / specialist map...?

    Just a thought, how difficult would it be to have a map of the uk somewhere that people can put up the location of dealers / specialist garages in thier areas with attached reviews of them... That way people can find reputable places to take their cars...? Chris :blackrs4:
  11. cjhill

    Anyone using the JVC KD-NX5000 ?

    Thinking about buying this head unit (does sat nav and lots of other things and is only single din) and am wondering if anyone else has used it before / has it / or knows anything about it. Would be good to get some opinions before i buy it. Cheers...
  12. cjhill

    help... im loosing interest.

    Dear all, I seem to be loosing interest in my S3. For the next few months im mainly cycling to work but will then be commuting to work. My problem is that i seem to be loosing interest in the car... Its had loads of attention of the years but now sits unloved. Do you think if i get it...
  13. cjhill

    pic request... Black headlights, silver car

    Dear all,, Does anyone have any pics of a silver A/S3 with the black headlights, either the aftermarket ones or stock which have been painted. Thinking of doing this mod but want to see some before i take the plunge. Looks good on dark cars but havent seen any on lighter ones. Cheers
  14. cjhill

    how does a thermostat work... ?

    Dear all, This is my new thermostat but nothing moves when i put it in hot / boiling water. Which bit is supposed to move?? the only thing that i can move is the small pin at the top... but only 2 mm or so. doesnt seem right to me.
  15. cjhill

    help, need part number and cant find it....(thermostat)

    Dear all, I am desperate to find a part number for the thermostat on a 2001 S3. ive been looking everywhere including searches here but no luck Anyone have any idea? Thanks
  16. cjhill

    seat issues... any ideas.

    Dear all, Does anyone know how to reduce movement in the upright part of the seat (the back rest) as it moves about 1 inch forwards and backwards when in the 'locked' and upright position. i presume there is some play in one of the adjusting cables / cable that releases it. i just cant...
  17. cjhill

    ive found another place where rust has formed....! (Pics included)

    Rubbish... I thought i was lucky so far. Not a spot of rust on the car so far. Not bad for 6 yrs old.... untill i started to adjust the door and found this... (its under the door lock which i removed to adjust the door position.) Worth a check if your like me and a bit...
  18. cjhill

    help.. odd noise from behind glove box.

    Help. On turning the ignition on i have a loud noise coming from behind the glove box, like three or four clicks. what is it. should i be worried, is my car going to explode? Thanks
  19. cjhill

    Anyone know how to adjust doors???

    As posted, both my front doors dont line up with the rear of the car anymore. Is there an easy way of adjusting them ?? Cheers
  20. cjhill

    What do you think ??

    Right, ive been taking bits of the car apart over the last few weeks and whilst i had the glove box out i thought i would mount some red lights under the glove box, well in the little shelf that sits below it to be exact. By the way... do you all use this little shelf for? i havent found...