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  1. CupraDine

    Wanted Set of roof bars for A6 C6 Avant

    Looking for a set of roof bars for an A6 C6 Avant (2009) with flush rails. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. CupraDine

    Avant boot liner that works with the rails

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a good boot liner for the avant that works with the boot rails? I have the teloscopic bar and would like to keep it but all the liners I can find cover up the rails or use the tie down hooks to anchor it. Is there one that uses the tie down hooks but keeps the rest...
  3. CupraDine

    Oil on the intake side of the turbo 3.0tdi

    Noticed oil all over the intake side of the turbo, did some research and found it's probably the turbo pulsation damper seal (great name!). Following this guide over on another forum was really helpful and I thought I would post to help others...