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  1. Jimmy2007

    EPB on while in Drive and stationary

    Hi everyone, I have been told on another forum that when stationary it is always best to shift into Neutral before applying the EPB and release the foot brake (automatic transmission tiptronic) In my car manual instead, it says that it is ok to remain in Drive. The person suggested that the...
  2. Jimmy2007

    Tailgate struts

    Hi everyone, a little advice please. My tailgate struts need changing, when i open the boot it doesn't lift fully and i have to manually lift up the last 6 inches so i don't bang my head on it. (It's electric) Also sometimes it struggles to lift at the first few inches, when the electric motor...
  3. Jimmy2007

    Am I using the wrong oil?

    Hieveryone, Audi A6 C6 4F 2008 3.0lquattro. I use quantum 5w30 longlife and do an oil change every 5000/6000 miles. Talking to another audi owner he was horrified that i don't use castrol as recommended. The use of quantum was recommended by a very good audi mechanic i used in the past. Am I...
  4. Jimmy2007

    Noisy power steering, elementary questions

    Hi everyone, Audi A6 C6 4F 2008 3.0l quattro, all of a sudden, after a cold night i got this little noise when stationary and moving the wheels. It's the same noise you get when on full lock, but this is present even by slightly turning the wheels. Also the revs go down a tiny touch (but...
  5. Jimmy2007

    Cracked radar cover . ACC not available.

    Hi, So my cruise control with brake assist radar system stopped working and it displayed ACC not available. Had a look at the radar cover plate and some ****** possibly with a tow bar touched it just enough to crack it. Fortunately no damage to anything else. The part number is 4F0853681, but...
  6. Jimmy2007

    Rear brake pads replacement without vcds?

    Hi everyone, so I had some trouble coming my way and had to reschedule the brakes job. Now i'm getting better and want to attack this before the new year. Question: I have seen videos about replacing rear brakes without vcds. This for example: Is it something that would ruin the car or a...
  7. Jimmy2007

    What brand are genuine brake pads?

    Hi everyone, would anyone let me know what brand are the genuine brake pads. I tried looking at mine (genuine), but writing is worn and on google I found different answers (Pagid, Brembo, TRW, Ate) I would like to avoid the genuine Audi at inflated price if I can get the same ones without the...
  8. Jimmy2007

    Service book

    Hi everyone, Is there any way I can get hold of a PDF service book to look at service schedule? I looked online for ages to no avail and when I contacted Audi head office they told me to buy a copy from main dealer for £30. I just want to know the maintenance schedule for my A6 C6 3.0L Quattro...
  9. Jimmy2007

    Recoding new key fob (keyless system)

    Hi everyone, my good other half decided it was a good idea to wash my key in the washing machine and of course it stopped working. The red light keeps blinking very fast. I have dismantled it, used contact cleaner, dried out everything and changed battery, but the only result was that it opens...
  10. Jimmy2007

    not enough oil?

    hi everyone, I've done a service on my A6 3.0L tdi quattro and for some unknown reason it's not taken the 8.2 litres of oil as per manual. i put roughly 7 litre in, started the car to let the oil filter fill up, then i topped up the oil to near the max mark on dipstick. overall i used 7.5...
  11. Jimmy2007

    Looking for a fair and honest VAG mechanic. Based in West London. Willing to travel up to an hour.

    Hi guys, I need to find a good VAG mechanic that is not gonna ask my kidneys to maintain my A6 and VW Passat. A the moment i need the following jobs: Passat: disc and pads all around. Possibly cambelt. Audi A6: Slight coolant loss (i top up every couple of weeks) Thank you to anyone who can help.
  12. Jimmy2007

    Anyone seen Chris (adamss24) lately?

    Hi guys, I wonder if any of you know how to contact Chris (adamss24 on this forum). He must have changed telephone number and I don't wanna drive all the way to muswell hill if I can avoid it. If you can contact him, can you please pass me his new number via pm or tell him to call me. Thanks, Jimmy