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    Service plan offer

    In case anyone is considering buying a service plan, there's an Audi offer at the moment - 20% discount, which makes the plan just under £380 or approx £15 per month. Not too shabby.
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    Facelift Map updating via SD card

    Hi folks. I've haven't updated my nav since I had the car so I'm downloading the full map as I type. I previously tried to do a UK map update and used a USB stick but it didn't recognise the USB - I guess this is because the stick had other files. As I say, I'm now trying to update the maps...
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    Facelift Amazon Music via MMI

    Hi all. Is there any chance that someone could give me an idiot's guide for how to use Amazon Music via the MMI? So far, I've tried to connect via Android Auto but the connector on my phone must be loose because the cable drops out and obviously loses connection. I've used the MyAudi app...
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    Facelift I love my A3, but...

    ... it's a pain to clean!! When you wash it, it becomes much more obvious how many creases, lines and 'nooks and crannies' there are. Having previously owned a black A3, I'm used to washing the car with the lightest of touch, so I find that I have to go back over some of the creases. The...
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    Facelift Questions before ordering tomorrow

    Right, I've been wanting to change my car for a while now, and the scrappage scheme makes it a good time to do so. Currently, I'm leaning towards the A3 Black Edition 2.0TFSI in Daytona with manual box. I test-drove the s-tronic at the weekend and really liked it, but I can't justify spending...
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    Facelift Black Edition / BSP - gloss or matt finish?

    Just a quick question, are the window surrounds on the Black Edition matt finish or gloss? Are they easy to keep mark-free? Just trying to decide whether the BE is worth the extra :) TIA.
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    Facelift A3 2.0TFSI 190 - MPG & Reviews

    Hi folks. I'm looking at changing my current A3 TDI (170) to the 2.0TFSI petrol. Having owned diesels for almost 20yrs I'm apprehensive about the change. What are people getting in terms of real world MPG? What's the engine like? Anything I neex to be aware of? I'm grateful for any info...
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    Price for A3 SB parcel shelf

    Hi. As above, could you give me an idea on costs for a parcel shelf for an A3 sportback please. Thanks. Regards Dave.
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    Heated washer jets - are they standard on A3 Sport?

    Hi Guys, As per the title really. I bought a Dec '07 A3 Sport and thought I'd read that the heated washer jets were standard although I've a feeling that they were an option as mine are frozen up. Were the heated jets an option or are mine just not working? I can't seem to find any reference...
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    If you've got an iphone or ipod touch..... might be interested in this little bit of kit - Taken from their website: "Rev is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that provides graphical representations of real-time vehicle data. By communicating directly with...
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    170TDI - too much torque for 2wd? Opinions please

    Guys, I need some advice please, especially from 170 owners. I'm looking at getting an A3 with the above engine. The salesman mentioned about there being a lot of torque for a 2wd car, especially in the wet. All torque and no action, so to speak! So do you owners have any opinions on this...
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    A3 - worth the money?

    I know, probably won't get impartial advice here but, ultimately, you guys and gals have bought one and run one so you're arguably the best people to ask. I'm seriously considering a new A3 2.0TDI 140 Sport and wondered whether you thought your A3, whatever the spec, was worth the money. All...
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    Hello, another newbie joined!

    Hi, Just thought I should introduce myself, seeing as I've just joined. I've been a member of for a few years now and audi-sport has been recommended so I thought I'd check it out! Currently, I'm driving a Mk4 GT TDi 110, which I'm looking to replace (hopefully for an A3...