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    Reyland rear discs350 mm

    Is there any benefit to having J-Hook grooves over say C-hook (Revo style) or slots etc? I ask as J hook seems to be the most popular option.
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    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Thanks, were you able to keep the rear stone/heat guards with the oversized discs or did you find another solution? A
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    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Does this happen on both the front and rear discs? Or just the rear? A
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    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Thanks for the feedback! Would you mind posting a picture of them so I can better understand the corrosion you’re referring to? Thanks!
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    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Thank you, from what I've read on Reylands site its a relatively simple modification. Does anyone else have real world experience of larger rear brakes? Interested to hear opinions! Thank you
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    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Hi all Finally getting around to upgrading the discs and would like some advice on potentially going for the big brake kit. My initial thoughts were to replace front and rear with just OEM sizes (370mm and 310mm). I'm sure this would still be marked difference over the stock discs, however...
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    Eco not working on AC

    Had a 2016 RS3 from new and there’s no eco setting on the AC, or anywhere in the RS3 for that matter.
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    PFL Mods

    Just do the rear ARB. Got mine from AKS tuning for around £190 inc P+P.
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    Rear Anti-Roll Bar upgrade advice

    Hi everyone Hope everyone and your families are all well in these crazy times! Been flirting with the idea of a new rear ARB for some time and after some extensive research, finally going to take the plunge. It seems either the 034 motorsports / H&R seem to be the ones to get, with the H&R...
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    If you’re stop / start driving that’s about right, on a run you’ll be getting circa 34/35 mpg. You don’t but an RS3 for economy though do you!
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    GAP Insurance

    Presumably you’re leasing (PCH) rather than a PCP? If this is the case, take the service and maintenance package as it’s written in to Audi PCH contracts it has to be serviced at a main dealer and will save you money over the contract. It will also act as a warranty in the 4th year covering...
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    Yep exactly the same and mines only done 10,000 miles. I’m sure I read on here a while back someone had a gearbox software update from audi to help things ?
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    Genuine Audi RS3 FL Black Badge Set x4

    Hi, why won’t they fit the pre-fl? Thanks
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    RS3 PCP Deals

    Try the guys at Magnitude finance for a quote (brokers). Ask for Alex Baldwin, he did a fantastic job for me.
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    Brake pad advice

    That set up looks amazing, can only imagine the improvement it must bring. Unfortunately I don’t have the disposable to stretch to that at the moment. I’ve come from an M235i to the RS3 and have to say I’m no where near as confident on the brakes. Hopefully the pads will help!
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    Brake pad advice

    Great thanks mate, will go for the performance! Did the anti squeal shims come with the pads? Where did you buy the pads? Much appreciate insight.
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    Brake pad advice

    Thanks for the above! Want to stay away from EBC to be honest. Can anyone tell me how the Ferodo pads compare to each other?
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    Brake pad advice

    Hi everyone I’ve tried researching this but can’t seem to find a relative answer. Changing pads all round on my PFL and moving away from OEM - Have settled on Ferodo but need some advice please! Car is used for fast road driving at most. Never tracked and not tuned. Can anyone tell me which...
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    Sportback Thanks to Alex @ Vagcarcoding

    How much was the reverse camera retrofit ?
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    Facelift Brake discs

    I thought the sportback / saloon had a different offset?