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  1. robtaylors

    S5 Rear diffuser

    Afternoon all Nice sunny day, day off work so thought I would remove the rear diffuser and plastidip it Removing the diffuser was a pig, don’t know how I’m going to get the side 2 x screws back in, need baby size hands to fit in the gap also fitted rear boot lip spoiler in gloss black...
  2. robtaylors

    Picked up the S5 today

    Well today was the last day in my 2016 A5 Special Edition Plus 2.0tdi in ibis white with every option on it, lowered / remapped / steering wheel retrimmed, my missus was gutted when I drove off this morning I really did think I was going to miss this car as I have spent a lot of time and money...
  3. robtaylors

    S5 Front axle weight ?

    Hi all I’m changing cars next week and wanted to know if the H&R springs on my current A5 2.0TDI Cab FWD will go on the replacement car S5 Cab The H&R box states figment for an S5, surely the S5 front end is heavier than a FWD 2.0tdi ? I can’t find any info on the net about the S5 Front axle...
  4. robtaylors

    H&R springs FWD

    Hi all Not sure if this is the right place for this post, please move if not. I have a set of H&R springs that have been on my A5 Special Edition Plus Cab (Non Quattro) for approx 6 x months, no longer needed as changing my car next week, if interested drop me a message Thanks Rob
  5. robtaylors

    Maxton Design splitter

    Hi does anyone know if the Maxton Design front splitter fits the black edition bumper, I assume the S Line and Black edition bumpers are the same ? Has any one got one of these fitted...
  6. robtaylors

    Audi TTS

    Hi all Currently in a 2016 A5 special edition plus cab lowered and remapped 2.0tdi, looks great in white with black edition black bits etc However recently moved closer to work and no longer need a diesel so looking at a tts, going to have a look at a black manual one this weekend but...
  7. robtaylors

    Leaking roof

    Hi all Now the weather has changed and we are getting more rain I have noticed droplets of water coming in from the door / roof seal on the drivers side, has anyone else had this and if so how did you stop it ? Thanks Rob
  8. robtaylors

    MMI screen

    Evening folks I have a really annoying couple of what looks like white dots on my MMI display which is more noticeable on a darker background colour during the day / when the suns out, it doesn’t look like dead pixels but more like something on the outer display Any ideas anyone ?
  9. robtaylors


    Hi all Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to purchase VCDS and all the cables etc, alternatively if anyone is selling ? Thanks
  10. robtaylors

    Special edition plus Factory springs

    Hi all looking at getting some H&R lowering springs, (40mm drop) I know the S-Line special edition plus has lower suspension from factory but not sure how much, does anyone know ? , trying to work out how much of a drop I would get replacing the standard springs with the H&R springs, thanks
  11. robtaylors

    Exhaust options for diesel

    I know this has probably been asked to death, are there any options for improving the exhaust note on the 2.0tdi - nothing too chavvy but something that gives a bit more grunt on acceleration, I’ve had a catback milltek before on an old A4 and I know they are good but do the diesel equivalents...
  12. robtaylors

    Modified insurance

    Good evening all Can anyone recommend another insurance company that specialises in modified cars other than Adrian Flux, Ive had a couple of cars insured by them in the past and I think there quite expensive. Even with no claims / no points / getting on a bit as well Rob
  13. robtaylors

    Quote please

    Can I have a quote please, had a couple of cars insured by you in the past thanks rob
  14. robtaylors

    Black edition plus

    Hi all haven’t posted any new cars on here for years, probably had 10 cars since. anyway this is the new daily, 2016 Black edition plus 2.0tdi auto, full leather etc remapped by Toby aka “THQuattro” Probably put it in eibach springs and replace exhaust
  15. robtaylors

    2.0tdi exhaust

    Hi all was thinking of getting a milltek for my black edition plus cab is it worth it being a 2.0tdi or is it a waste of money, would there be a note able sound improvement / performance etc, car has been remapped. if not milltek has anyone else done exhaust mod to the 2.0tdi ?
  16. robtaylors

    Heater blower and heated seats

    Hello all Does anyone know the following, probably a really simple answer When ignition is turned on the heater blower goes to full whack “number 12” can this be turned off ? also drivers side heated seat comes on full when ignition turned on, can this be turned off ? Ta Rob
  17. robtaylors

    What tyres ?

    Merry Xmas all I have recently bought a 2016 special edition plus cab, only 27k miles on the clock so on the original tyres, I’m looking to replace all 4 x tyres as they are all very low, I’m looking at getting a full set of midrange tyres, does anyone have any suggestions on what brand / any...
  18. robtaylors

    S4 Interior

    Hi all thinking of swapping out my black edition interior / for an S4 interior with electric heated seats, my current seats only have lumbar support so wanted to know what is required to do the swap, I know I will need a new climate module with the heated seat switches on and re-coding, will I...
  19. robtaylors

    Remap by THQuattro

    Hello all Just thought I would put a quick post up regarding remap done this Saturday by Toby aka “THQuattro” I debated for a while whether or not to get this done as I was considering changing the car but the missus wasn’t keen after returning from a very expensive holiday / wedding in...
  20. robtaylors

    Se bumper / rs grill

    Hi there My friend has a 2009 a5, se He wants to fit a replica RS grille, my question is, do the grilles fit the sline and se bumpers ? Is the centre part / where the grill fits the same ? All of the adverts on eBay don’t state whether it fits se / sline Thanks Rob