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  1. cjhill

    Replacement S3 engine needed :(

    agree, 1 x audi, 8 yrs, 120K never let me down. Up to a point its not the make of car its how it is looked after that counts.
  2. cjhill

    Car gets extremely jerky when doing U-turns

    latest update is that the join between the propshaft and rear diff/haldex type thing is 'falling apart' so i'll let you guys know if it helps with the symptoms...
  3. cjhill

    Car gets extremely jerky when doing U-turns

    yep, that's probably because no one has figured out what the problem is... mine is still doing it 1 year on and 3 different garages have'nt figured it out either.... v annoying,.
  4. cjhill

    WHITE WHITE WHITE!(Pic Heavy!)

    dela, love the car, love the wheels - good look. I would colour the pipes matt black (a textured finish if possible) - that would look great. Thats my 2p's worth
  5. cjhill

    Waxoyl-ing my S3 - any advice?

    agree, i just check the underneath of mine about once a year - years on and still looks mint... jacking points are the only areas that have been scuffed but even the bear metal there doesn't seem to rust - didnt know they were galvanized.
  6. cjhill

    Heated Mirror Not Working

    hmmm im quite confused about when they operate... Last night the mirrors came on initially when i started the car but when i checked them again (after 40mins of driving) they were off... Do they only come on for the first few minutes of driving ?
  7. cjhill

    A variant of the mileage thread... clutch ?

    Hello all, I know lots of us are starting to clock up impressive milage but what i want to know is how long has your clutch lasted ? Clearly this depends on a lot of factors - specific type of car, remap, driving style, number of launches etc but im on 120K and still going strong and want...
  8. cjhill

    Steering wheel badge

    mine did the same... i just rubbed it really hard until all the paint came off and now its all silver which looks fine and was considerably cheaper.
  9. cjhill

    A really bad video

    I think he said it was on a private road... wise. :busted_cop:
  10. cjhill

    Heated Mirror Not Working

    my heaters are on all the time... adds to great fuel economy ! I dont think there is anyway of turning them off is there ? seem to be on in the summer too...
  11. cjhill

    How many miles has your S3 done

    there is a thread on this very subject a few weeks ago - have a look on the search function. I think the average furthest traveled was around the 150K mark with no major troubles reported.
  12. cjhill

    OBD II Functions on your iphone

    just to drag an old post from the grave... has anyone got the rev software ? im still looking at this (just seems slicker than the liquid S3) and i love my iphone... does anyone know if the rev app will show oil temp ? Ta
  13. cjhill

    Amazing - you should see these :)

    agree, the acceleration is mad. Looks like he has difficulty controlling it in the first pic. Wonder how much he needed to spend to get that acceleration. ?
  14. cjhill

    Amazing - you should see these :)

    these have been on here before. More examples of idiots driving like total pratts on public roads. Good job no children were killed. Would be able to appreciate the great lengths the owners have gone to if it was on a drag strip / runway etc. Just my 2 penith.
  15. cjhill

    8L S3 Used on Top Gear

    "The S3 is Mika Hakkinen. Cool. Detached. Handsome. And much, much faster than you'd think" :iagree:
  16. cjhill

    BMW R8

    if it is photoshopped they have done a ****** good job, 1, they haven't got rid of the audi rings marks from the engine 2, is it me or is this a ghost road with loads of cars just parked up all over the place with no drivers in sight at all.
  17. cjhill

    Another broken S3

    :idea: have to keep that idea.
  18. cjhill

    Another broken S3

    with regards to courtesy car - would you be better off buying a cheepy for £500 with some tax on it - could use it as a trade in when you buy your next car (plus the cash if its written off) ?
  19. cjhill

    Need sound advice on buying an S3

    just to add, look at the rain gutters on the roof, the outer edge can bubble and corrode. Common problem with a/s3's. Can be repaired under warranty but its a hassle. high milage cars are not necessarily bad - depends on type of miles / care of car etc. Main problem with my S3 has been...
  20. cjhill

    S3 mileage good or bad?

    ive heard of people getting up to 200K with no problems at all.