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  1. Ultra Violent

    For Sale Audi S5 3.0 V6 B8.5. 44k miles Price Drop

    £14,500 For sale is my 62 plate S5 S tronic B8.5 3.0 V6 Supercharged. 44,010 miles. Will rise as daliy driver. Full service history. Just had major service at 42k. Full Gear box sevice at 39k. Audi Drive Select. Last year off the supercharger. Car Pro UK ceramic coated. Mot till April 20, no...
  2. Ultra Violent

    New Shoes !!!!

    l thought l'd drop a few pics off my new rims. 20x10j BBS CX-R. I think they look pretty sweet.
  3. Ultra Violent

    Spigot ring question.

    Hey troops. Just a quick one(sort off). I'm trying to convert my rims from my A4 to my S3. I know the pcd and offset are fine. Going to buy new tyres for them as well, but the problem I have is the spigots. I've bought genuine aluminium spigots for BBS rims 82mm down to 57.1mm for the S3 hub...
  4. Ultra Violent

    Broken locking wheel nut

    Hey folks, as the title says, my wheel nut broke. I was in the process of painting my calipers, got the drivers side done no probs. Started on the other side and the funking wheel nut broke on the inside. I've had a look online and the replacement set it £35, but I only need the nut. I will...
  5. Ultra Violent

    First proper detail sesh on new motor. (Picture heavy).

    Hey troops. Thought I'd stick this thread up after a long sesh on the car today. Tried a few new products and thought some might be interested. Apologies in advance if the post is a bit of a shambles, my detailing is better than my I.T skills. First a quick rinse. Then my first shot of...
  6. Ultra Violent

    Quick rim question.

    Hey folks. Just a quickie. I have a set of 19x8.5j rims in the garage from my A4 S Line 59 plate. Will they fit my S3 8P. If yes, what tyres do you run, what problems can there be. If no, thats cool. Was just wondering. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Ultra Violent

    That's a bit more than I expected ......

    Spotted this on Fleabay. Wow. Nuff said.
  8. Ultra Violent

    Glovebox ipod connection trouble.

    Hey folks. Had a look for solutions On site but couldn't find what I was looking for. Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right places. I recently picked up my S3 8p and it comes with the glovebox iPod connection. I have a 3rd gen iPod nano, which fits right in the connector, but I can't...
  9. Ultra Violent

    Best sealants.

    I've been using AG extra gloss protection but its nearly ran out. Not sure what to try next. I see AF have brought out a Power Seal designed for use with a DA polisher. Supposedly give 6-9 months protection. Might give it a try. Any other suggestions welcome. :rockwoot:
  10. Ultra Violent

    Best couriers for sending rims and tyres.

    Hey peeps. As the title says, I'm looking around for a cheap-ish courier for selling my rims. Not sure if anyone else has done this before, but I thought I'd ask. Thought I'd better search it out incase they sell. I reckon they weigh around 20kg each. Will stick them on the scales tomorrow...
  11. Ultra Violent

    Its been a while....

    Hey folks. I thought I'd pop on here and say hello again. I haven't been on for about a year. Real life getting in the way. Glad to see some off the old faces still here. Looking forward to getting back into the swing. Also I'm another fellow Jock. Scott.
  12. Ultra Violent

    Big Thanks to Mark @ Brotek.

    As the title says I just thought I'd say a quick thanks to Mark @ Brotek for my new rims. Bought a lot from Mark in the past and as always the customer service was top class. Super friendly guy, top service. Pictures say it better than words.
  13. Ultra Violent

    Shutdown of local DVLA offices.

    I know this probably isn't new news to most people, but the DVLA has closed all local offices. All enquiries will now go through DVLA Swansea. I'm just in the process of changing over my private plate, so just found out recently. Normally I could go to the local office, which is Carlisle for...
  14. Ultra Violent

    Moved over from the A3 crew.

    Hi folks, as the header tells you, I've just bought myself a new(to me) B8. Just have to get used to the size difference now. I'll pop some proper pics up when I get it detailed and my new rims on it. Cheers Scott.
  15. Ultra Violent

    What makes you smile?????

    I know we have a "what do you hate" thread. I thought I would even the balance, be the yin to the yang. Getting changed to go out for dinner last night, found a crumpled tenner in my pocket. Result!!
  16. Ultra Violent

    Streaky Windscreen

    As the title helpfully explains, I can't seem to get the smudges and streaks off the inside off the windscreen. I'm good with the rest off the car but always get vexxed when it comes to the windscreen. I've tried numerous big name products, and although it looks bang on whilst doing it, the...
  17. Ultra Violent

    Shark Stage 1 Map Thanks to Brotek.

    Just thought I'd stick up a quick thank you to Mark @ Brotek. Just got home after getting my Stage 1 map and EGR delete. I must say it was a joy to drive home, more power, more torque= Happy Man. Mark also helped get rid off a scratch I had on the side while we waited. All in all, ******...
  18. Ultra Violent

    Popped my DA cherry. Shine, Sealed, Delivered.

    I know there's a thousand threads off this, but heres another anyhoo. I bought a Dodo Juice Buff Daddy from Juicey Detailing, big shout to Jen & crew for best price and quick delivery. I also bought the AutoFinesse revitalise kit, Juicey didn't stock so I went to Clean My, again...
  19. Ultra Violent

    Xzibit selling Skoda.!! Really??

    Just seen this advert on Sky, I thought it was a new series of Pimp My Ride to start with but no, he's hawking Skoda. Don't get me wrong I'm not Skoda bashing, they make sweet cars, but Xzibit ?? I take it the recording career is on a hiatus at the mo. Check it out........Å koda Yeti Pimp my...
  20. Ultra Violent

    Ah!! Those Were The Days. Skint Knees, Jumpers for Goalposts !!!

    I was having a chat at work today with some off the guys, and we got a bit nostalgic for some off the old board games we owned. A few of the young lads didn't have a clue what we were talking about, having never heard off any of them. So I thought I would stick a thread up and see if it jogs...