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    daveb 996 kits

    As of those who know how Dave was near impossible to contact and still is, he has also retired from the brake game far as i have been told. Unfortunately i have lost the OEM part #'s from the 996tt 350mm disc setup and wondering if anyone have these on hand by any given chance Cheers!
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    Radiator Fan Replacement S3 8P

    Hey guys, As doing the timing this week, was hoping to replace my rad/cooling fans. Why? - well they work perfectly fine and engine is not overheating, but i have noticed in recent months including our summer here in Aus (25-35+ degrees) that after turning the engine off even after flogging it...
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    S3 Cooling / Radiator Fans issues questions

    This topic has been covered extensively i do realise, however in the many many, MANY of threads i have there really isn't much information or definitive answer on a few things that i am wanting to know, and if there is i apologise. Few questions; relating to my 2007.5 S3 8P. After-off fans -...
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    Wheel Fitment help (N8?)

    Wondering if i could get these on, note i do not want 'super stretched tyres' though lol. Rather 225s all round. 19x8 ET32 for front - 19x8.5 ET34 for rear (or 19x9.5 et 36) Or am i asking for too much poke here? As i dont particularly want to shave the wheel or even the hub to make these...
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    Recent EuroTrip - AutoSalon Singen & MeilenWerk Stuttgart (Cars&Pics)

    Firstly, excuse the photo & quality - they are as is! I was rushed as a certain someone was over seeing Cars LOL. Lamborghini Aventador in Zurich: He was trying to find a spot for sometime to park, and its bad enough as is but luckily enough my hot Astra TDI Wagon got a spot and even the...
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    After off Fans & Cooling

    Seems the fans are a common issue with the 8P models with a fair bit of information however the issues I have read aren't quite what I am having so apologies if there is a thread I have missed. Car is S3 (2007.5) 8P1, fans are not running after the car is off. Whether how long they run or not...
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    Slightly pee'd off is an understatement!

    Woke up yesterday morning, to find this on my quarter, drivers door and under my rear window as well. Unfortunately its past the point of wet sanding and needs to be sprayed so half the side of the car possibly to be sprayed. Car was parked on my street and assumed it happened during 1am and...
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    Big thanks to LOBA Motorsports & Si

    Been a bit quiet lately as i have been away traveling and also busy with work as well as we purchased the girl a MK6 GTI where a bit of work has started on day 3 of arrival already and still going lol (new project?) Just wanted to give a plug to LOBA Motorsports and Si for helping out with my...
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    DMF or SMF for the S3

    Opinions and Experiences is what im after. The car, S3 at stage2+ or whatever you guys call it there (330/340hp if that helps) Can the LUK DMF & Sachs Perf Clutch hold up enough? Does it like launches at all on occasion? (clearly not always and any launch on the awd will cause wear obviously)...
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    Adjusting on Volume on RNS-E

    Someone please tell me how the F to i adjust the on volume? Since putting the RNS-E in its doing my head in on how loud it is soon as i get in the car! Any help is appreciated for my Sanity! lol
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    s3 xenons

    Strange question, but things are listed differently here in Australia as we like to be difficult and not keep things the same as other countries. So.. the pre-facelift S3 8ps who have the Bi-Xenon (Adaptive as in height only) are they also available like the later models (2010 for example) /...
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    staggered setup - does the quattro like it?

    As i am considering another set of wheels from my 19x8 BBS CK's ive found 3 sets i like (finally after 4 months!) But.. i would like to go staggered. Wondering how this would effect the Haldex System itself? Could someone advise? cheers
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    wider guard options

    subject says it.. looking at options for wider guards? did anyone make them? minus the ugly osir ones.
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    Symphony II+ to RNS-E (S3 2007 8p) Issues

    Following all the guides on here to fit into my 2007.5 S3 Has BOSE Factory, Ipod Adapter, Bluetooth and obviously MF Steering Wheel. Fitted with a Symphony II+. The cable from the Ipod Adapter that goes into the quadlock (blue) is one of 2. The secondary one which has no ipod adapter...
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    RNS-E Retrofit (Again) with unusual problems

    Following all the guides on here to fit into my 2007.5 S3 Has BOSE Factory, Ipod Adapter, Bluetooth and obviously MF Steering Wheel. Fitted with a Symphony II+. The cable from the Ipod Adapter that goes into the quadlock (blue) is one of 2. The secondary one which has no ipod adapter connected...
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    S3 rear valance and front splitter in black

    Has anyone sprayed up their rear valance? Like on the RS3's? I have been thinking about it for quite a while and checked a couple pix on the RS3 (as we dont have any in Aus) and wondered if anyone has done this/and how it looks? Cheers
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    black grill on sprint blue - pic req?

    Scattered images everywhere but all small. Anyone got a black grill on their sprint blue s3? im trying to convince myself to bother or not lol
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    VF Intake Pod Cover

    Wanting to enclose the pod filter on the VF intake (pic hi jacked from another friend, same thing though) has anyone done so, any pics by any chance? as id like to make sure its well .. legal lol
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    s3 2007 pre facelift black optics gril part #

    Plenty of threads but no part numbers. can anyone give me a link or otherwise a part number for the black optics grill for an 07 S3 (pre facelift from the drleds). would appreciate it as ive been searching and searching lol
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    MY09/MY10 Instrument Cluster into MY07/MY08

    No threads i can find really give me an answer.. is it possible? including al working mfa features as well? cheers