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  1. jerseypaul

    Big Quattro grill badge

    I really like those big Quattro grill badges fitted to the new Rs6 and 7. i wonder if anyone with a 3d printer could knock these out?
  2. jerseypaul

    Carat dealers today for updates.

    Hi gang. Car in today and had the following warranty work done. 1. s/w update for Haldex controller. No info on what the update addresses. 2 vacuum line repositioned in C pillar for exhaust flap actuater - stopped rattling on start up. 3 brake check - remove and replace pads along with full...
  3. jerseypaul

    Haldex update.

    Hi gang. Got a call from the dealers today to advise of a software update for the Haldex controller. Booked in for tomorrow - will advise if there are any detectable differences. Also, a check of vacuum lines in the C pillar area is mentioned relating to the exhaust flap / actuator rattling...
  4. jerseypaul

    Oil and coolant required.

    Hi gang. Just completed a 600 mile round trip in the UK. Mainly motorway cruising along with some A and B road blasting. After checking the car (4 k miles) I found the oil and coolant level just about in minimum. Same with you guys? Cheers. Paul
  5. jerseypaul

    New S3 on Top Gear

    Welcome to the 296bhp Audi S3 - BBC Top Gear
  6. jerseypaul

    Strange metallic spring sound.

    Hi guys. Got my car booked in for the recall next week. As mentioned here - the brake duct / exhaust noise software mod. anyone noticed a metallic "boing" - something like a spring being released. its somewhere under the car, doesn't sound like a binding suspension component, but something...
  7. jerseypaul

    Anyone tempted by Remap yet?

    Hi all. Loving my RS3 ownership so far. As I am based in Jersey, the only remappers on the island are Revo. Stage 1 = 410 bhp which sounds tempting. any thoughts?
  8. jerseypaul

    Does your exhaust rattle on cold start?

    Hi gang. When I start the car in the morning the exhaust or maybe the valve sounds a bit rattley to me. it quiets down after 20 - 30 seconds. thought it could be the valve "cycling" if switched off with the sport button down. let me know if you notice the same. cheers.
  9. jerseypaul

    Definite less under steer than S3

    Hi guys. we had a really wet weekend over in jersey but got out in the car through some twisty stuff to give it some stick. really noticed how much more planted it is been with ESP in sport mode and S button on. The wet weather meant I could get to the limit of the tyres and it is a lot less...
  10. jerseypaul

    Spent some time with the car.

    Hi gang. Managed to get some time driving this weekend and up to around 1200 miles now. Started to wind the motor out now to the redline where appropriate. 60 comes up so quickly ( yeah I know around 4.5 secs) and the braking is really impressive. Really liking the suspension set up - the right...
  11. jerseypaul

    Audi OEM led number plate lights fitted with pics

    Hi gang. just posted this in the Rs3 forum.
  12. jerseypaul

    Audi LED number plate lights now available

    Pics and part number for these bad boys. Just available to order from dealers - officially for A5 convertibles:
  13. jerseypaul

    Q3 RS

    Hi gang this was prepped for the Beijing car show: Welcome to the Audi RS Q3 concept - BBC Top Gear
  14. jerseypaul

    Mud flaps fitted

    Hi gang. Fitted some front mudflaps today as Audi don't make any for S or RS models. They are gloss black and are the rally / motorsport type that you cut down to size from Demon Tweeks. If you are the person that cleans the car, you will know how they protect the bodywork. I wanted it as...
  15. jerseypaul

    My progression to my new RS3

    The first RS model produced, owned for 11 years then came the practice S3 SB then every now and then an opportunity presents itself - my new RS3: Ill be over in the RS section a bit I guess. Loved all the projects, mods and info here. see you around.
  16. jerseypaul

    RS3 and my old RS2

    Here are my last two RS audis. Latest addition not forgetting
  17. jerseypaul

    New RS3 Jerseypaul - new pics

    Few more pics today.
  18. jerseypaul

    New A3 vid - German
  19. jerseypaul

    New RS3? What delivery miles?

    Hi all new RS3 owners. Hopefully get mine by end of the month. Can you tell me what your delivery miles were. I was told it was normal to have 50 ish miles on RS models. Many thanks. Paul
  20. jerseypaul

    The reason why we drive Audi. Enjoy