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  1. mcconnot

    Good old lumpy idle!

    Hi Guys, I have an a3 2.0 TDI (2004) BKD. I still have my rough idle that only occurs while the car is heating up. Final straw so i sent it into Audi yesterday for 3 hours. They checked everything and literally nothing is showing a fault- nothing! So my car is fine but yet idles like...
  2. mcconnot

    Headlight problem

    Hi Guys, Ok minor problem (i hope). Had my first stab at polishing my A3 with a rotary the other day. Results were great as the car shines now. However, when i decided :wacko: just to run a wool bonnet gently over the headlight casing just to buff it up. When i was on the left head light the...
  3. mcconnot

    Revs on Idle?

    Hi there! Just wondering...what is the correct idle speed for the 2004 2.0tdi BKD engine? Often my car vibrates like a b*tch on idle when cold. (I know loads of people have this problem). Its currently idling at that time at about 800 revs. It sounds almost as if its being trangled and is...
  4. mcconnot

    Mysterious disappearing oil!?

    Hi, My dads 2002 B6 Audi A4 (1.6) is mysteriously loosing about 1 litre of oil every 1000-1200 miles. He has had it checked by the audi dealer and shown no problems. No leaks, no abnormal emissions showing burning oil...nothing!! I read another thread saying that these engines can drink oil...
  5. mcconnot

    MAF sensor/ Injector loom

    Quick question: If i unclip the electrical connector to the MAF sensor and start the car (2.0TDI, 2004) will i get an fault light on the dashboard? If, yes when i re-connect the connector and re-start the car will everything return to normal? Im need to test with the MAF sensor out of the...
  6. mcconnot

    Damn it...knocking sound

    Just started yesterday. When pulling off from standstill there is a very subtle 'one-knock' knocking sound. As the revs hit about 1500-2000 in first gear and i start to lift off the clutch there is a knock which feels like it is coming from the drivers side around the accellerator pedal area/...
  7. mcconnot

    Intake manifold

    Hi, Has anyone ever removed the manifold from a 2.0 Tdi? It it a really difficult job. I have access to the workshop manual for the car so i know where im going, but does anyone have any experiences good or bad with this? Anyone know of any good projects that i could undertake easily enough...
  8. mcconnot

    Will it fit??

    The lack of a search button is getting annoying!! Anyone know if this steering wheel for sale in classifieds (Maars) would fit a 2 door, 2004 8P A3? Cheers guys :icon_thumright:, Tom
  9. mcconnot

    TDI excellence

    Hi Guys, Just drove home from work. Realised leaving work that i had hardly and fuel left in the tank. With no fuel stations on the way, i had to make it home the whole 36 mile trip (when i turned the car on the DIS showed 30 miles), so i was feathering the accelerator. But fair play to the 2.0...
  10. mcconnot

    Fluid capacity

    Hi guys, Cant find my owners manual at the moment. Does anyone know the capacity for the following fluids in a 2004 A3 2.0TDI sport? Engine Oil Coolant Brake fluid Power steering fluid Im planning to bleed/flush all four and replace with new fluid. Thanks Tom. :thumbsup:
  11. mcconnot

    Engine Oil

    Anyone used the Castrol Edge 5W-30 fully synthetic oil? Any complaints/recomendations? I see Halfrauds also do an Audi/Vw specific 5W-30 oil which is pretty much as expensive. Anyone have the balls to use that?:unsure: Cheers, Tom.
  12. mcconnot

    A3 8P survey?

    Hi All, Just wondering. Has there ever been a survey or something like that done in this forum. Where options are given for what has gone wrong with your car i.e.-flywheel, gearbox, engine problem, EGR valve etc etc. People just tick what has gone wrong with their car. There are so many user on...