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  1. Gilly

    Car cover A4/S4 - Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a decent/reasonably priced outdoor car cover ? Also if I do go down the Halfords route would you think the large or XL would be best fit. Any advice welcomed cheers Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk
  2. Gilly

    Bespoke car Care - Shrewsbury : any reccomendations for this detailer

    Hi I am looking to get my A4 Cab Detailed as its looking rotten, and have found a company in Shrewsbury callled Bespoke car care ( Wondered if anyone had any experiences of them and whether they can be reccomended many thanks Neil
  3. Gilly

    E-Commerce software / Online shopping carts

    Guys anyone got a heads up of any decent companies to use to build a decent website from a template with an integrated shopping cart / payment facility i am not so hot on building sites from code wanted something cheap and reliable that requires little effort to build and maintain...
  4. Gilly

    A Collosal dillema - many sleepless nights on this one

    so here is the thing... i was made redundant in may of this year, was in no rush to start a job so decided to have a dabble spreadbetting shares, as i have traded shares for a good few years. to cut a long story short over the last two months i have been trading full time and to be fair...
  5. Gilly

    Konnie Huq - a new addition to the fit bird collective

    Blimey..when did she suddenly get this hot....
  6. Gilly

    Drift Racing Days - Any one had any good experiences / reccomendations

    Chaps Me and my bro are planning an experience day, i fancy drift racing but want it to be wondered does any one have any good reccomendations..preferable north west / midlands-ish type area's cheers all
  7. Gilly

    Mountain bikes

    Guys i am sure many of you are just like find a new fad, and want to find out all about it before you ***** some money...therefore... i want a decent montain bike, what are the best mags/websites that have stuff ten bikes and that kind of chuff, not sure how much i want...
  8. Gilly

    New Kitchens.....Help

    Guys sorry for the dullness of this post, but i need some guidance The Mrs wants a new do i to be fair, but i am looking around at reviews of kitchen companys and they all seem to be ****...bad customer service/shocking aftersales etc etc i have checked out moben, ikea, b&Q...
  9. Gilly

    3D TV

    Any one thinking of shelling out for a 3D telly ? saw them at the gadget show and picture is, to be fair amazing, but i just cant see the point in getting one at the moment the samsung one just gone on sale at john lewis is £1800 quid, and you get no 3d glasses, no 3d blu ray player, there...
  10. Gilly

    I am off to the Gadget show tomorrow..any one else think Jon Bentley is a tool

    Looking forward to checking out all the new gadgets i will be buying when they come down in price, but my biggest concern is that Jon Bentley is a buffoon how did he get such a cool job..especially as he was ***** on Top Gear any one else have an opinion on the matter or is it just me that...
  11. Gilly

    Been made redundant - Booooo

    Man, I have been made redndant after eight years working for LloydsTSB The Bad news - My baby is a company car, and goes back with the job - no more audi ownership for me - my job is sweet, get paid good money for doing something i really enjoy - its all over ! The good news -Lex have...
  12. Gilly

    Sponsor request : Please check out my website

    Hope you don’t mind me asking, but I would really appreciate if you would check out my website I have put together to support an event I am doing for charity in may of this year I have bought a £200 quid Volvo with 330k on the clock and plan to drive it from UK to Barcelona to try and raise...
  13. Gilly

    Offer: Discounted vouchers for use in Curry's/PC World/Goldsmiths...etc

    Guys Most of us on here like Expensive watches, big telly's and that kind of stuff, so if any one is planning to buy something from the following shops, PM me and i can sort you some vouchers at a discounted price. this way you can go into the store and still negotiate further discount...
  14. Gilly

    If you have kids: check this out its superb

    Guys the mrs found this the other day, Go to this website and for free you can set up a personal video message to your kids from santa, he says their name, reads a little message and he even opens a present list book and has a picture of your child it it (if you upload one), it is genuinly...
  15. Gilly

    Opinions - Best 8" to 10" Netbook

    Guys I think the time has come for me to buy a Netbook Spend a fair bit of time sharedealing/spreadbetting, and my Fullsize laptop is a bit of a bind to cart about, and My phone cannot access some of the sites required to trade... so.... 1: what would be the best NetBook for around the...
  16. Gilly

    Merry X Mas : a 20% discount at Goldsmiths

    Guys Thought i would spread the wealth seeing as its Xmas and i am sure many of you will want a new watch, i know i do this should work for you....if you follow this link you will automatically qualify for a 20% discount at anything in Goldsmith the jewellers online store, the discount...
  17. Gilly

    The F Word + Gordon Ramsey

    did any one else ritually watch the F-word a couple of series ago, but has recently noticed its really dull all my favourite programs seems to be getting *****, even Top Gear !! staged crap
  18. Gilly

    my current predicament

    It's nearly 3am, and I am sat in my car out side telford hospital waiting for shropdoc to arrive, seriously ****** off because I can hardly breath on account of having an adverse reaction to an asthma inhaler What a **** Thursday this turned out to be ! Do I expect any one to care ? No...
  19. Gilly

    Definately one for the boys...

    I will probably get told off for this one but i cant sleep and need to conduct a scientific experiment "gentlemen, you have half an hour locked in a room with nothing but a big tin of lube and a captive, sexually compliant audience, the question is....who do you choose......"
  20. Gilly

    Cleaning my chrome tailpipes

    guys, my once shiny chrome tailpipes on the A4 Cab are now as black as *********.... ...Has any one got any tips on how to get them looking as good as new with minimal elbow grease ?