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  1. Kash3838

    Audi s3 8p whistling sound

    The car is in the garage.... going to be diagnosed... It was whistling under load and also a small amount when idling.... probably I only drove 2 miles then parked it up... I have a feeling it could be turbo related. Anyone had anything similar? Car is mapped but I hardly drive it let alone...
  2. Kash3838

    Audi s3 Bose system problem

    My friend has a problem with his Bose system. The heady it is fine as we have tested it. The system cuts out and also drains the battery. Anyone had the same problem.? Before the amp gets changed I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem
  3. Kash3838

    Sprint blue s3 plasti dipped & few toys

    Ok ain't done the whole car just the rims, grill front and rear diffuser. The rims started to Pitt during the time we had snow etc so I thought I'd try this product out. I used matt black 5 coats with 2 coats of silver metalizer. Which gives it a dark gunmetal tint. I've also added a milltek...
  4. Kash3838

    s3 8p 35mm drop, anyone got any pics?

    Anyone got a pic of an s3 8p with a 35mm drop please?
  5. Kash3838

    A little Vid after i detailed my sprint blue s3

    Audi S3 Sprint Blue Detailed - YouTube
  6. Kash3838

    19" wheels with 235/35/19 tyres any rubbing issyes?

    i wabt to upgrade my s3 8p to 19" alloys - 8.5 x 19 et45 with 235/35/19 tyres will they cause any rubbing on front and rear with standard suspenion set up?
  7. Kash3838

    vmr 19" rims on s3 8p?

    anyone got a pic of the vmr 19" 710 on an audi s3 with standard suspenion set up? got any pics? 8.5 x 19" et45
  8. Kash3838

    s3 over revving!

    mapped it stage 1 with milltek, and noticed that it over revs slightly, when on motorway and revs are around 3-4000 rpm ish. put your foot down and revs go up and dip back down before going up again. noticed it before the map as not as much and also noted it on my mates s3 too... replaced the...
  9. Kash3838

    misfire fault codes read

    evolve switch map yesterday and was getting a slight misfire under load, was fine before the map.. read the fault codes and cam up with: P0300 p0303 ?????? whats the crack with this?
  10. Kash3838

    Sprint Blue S3 - My new toy

    Picked up 57 plate S3 on Monday... here it is: Spec As Follows: RNS-E System Bluetooth Phone Prep CD Changer Flat Bottom Heated Seats Dim Rear View Mirror Bose I think thats about it.... so far plus new Brakes all round from Audi. Thank You very Much! I'm gonna need them! Mods to come very...
  11. Kash3838

    spacers for standard s3 rims

    what size spacers you guys running on standard s3 2007 with oem springs and rims. 10mm enough all round?
  12. Kash3838

    audi s3 parts discount?

    im after the following fro my s3 8p: replacement panel filter bluefin milltek cat back non resonated... any dealers on here doing any discounts on the bits???
  13. Kash3838

    sd memory card for rns unit s3 2007

    im picking up my dec 2007 s3 next week and wanted to order a couple of memory cards before hand. what type of card do i need and is my uit a mk2? seen the posts on here, but now im confused weather to get sd hc or not and also what the max size i should go for. any help would be appreciated
  14. Kash3838

    Audi a4 s line phantom black pearl detailed

    Products used: Smartwax Smartwax sealent Smartwax concours Smartwax clay bar
  15. Kash3838

    Cardiff Newby!

    Hi i'm kash, just waiting delivery of my S3 in 2 weeks... used not new. Have had an assortment of motors in the past, and also worked in the car modifications industry. Will prob have the car modified within the 1st week of having it. air filter, remap, milltek etc... that'll do for now! lol