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  1. Big_jim

    Bringing the S3 back from the dead. Advice needed!

    Hello. You may have seen my adverts on Facebook over the past few months trying to sell an Ibis white S3. Long story I'll quickly run through... I bought the car in 2012 in Dolphin grey at 108k miles (ish). I have a mate with a bodyshop and I decided (with him in my ear) to paint the car Ibis...
  2. Big_jim

    2001 S3 Gearbox issue

    Hello. Haven't been on here for a while, my sister is having trouble with her S3. She was driving it and it lost drive. She said she couldn't get a gear but managed to get reverse to park it up. AA came out and said she's lost 1st and 2nd but the others are ok. Is it the gearbox or are there...
  3. Big_jim

    Wheel Spacers

    I dont like the fact the rear wheels sit in the arches. Now, im not too up on 4WD cars. I know staggered wheels is a no no, but where do we stand on spacers? I see there are some 35mm spacers in the for sale section. I think 35mm is too much, but what has been done, what works? My car is on...
  4. Big_jim

    My S3, fresh from the paint shop!

    Well, when i bought my S3, the owner said it had been parked under a tree. Wasn't bad but you could see signs on the roof. I could have just had the roof painted (or tried mopping it), but i had something bigger planned! IBIS White! Not quite finished but you get the jist!
  5. Big_jim

    Dead pixels

    Hello. Ive just bought a 2001 S3, and the pixles in the middle bit of the cluster is unreadable. Ive read about quick fixes, but wanted to know what the easiest way of sorting it out is. Cheers