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    Audi tracking system down again

    Audi new build tracking system down again for another week. A company that size and all that money you would think they could get it sorted a bit quicker.
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    Audi insurance

    HI does anyone know if the Audi 5 day insurance you can use when you pick up your new car is fully comp or 3rd party. Thanks
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    Hi all for the last 3 days I have tried to talk to Audi finance and spent upto 40 mins on the phone each day with no answer. The question is when I pick up my new car in a few weeks time I would like to pay off the PCP as soon as possible within days, can I do this on line once I have some sort...
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    Price Rise

    Hi all just noticed the Audi web site has changed has there been a price increase or the same as old site.
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    8v v 8y chassis

    Hi can anyone please tell me the difference between a 8y and a 8v Chassis thanks. bj
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    Autoglym lifeshine ROTR

    Hi I have just ordered a A3 with Autoglym Lifeshine and it is getting close to £40,000 I understand the Lifeshine is put on at the dealership not the manufacturer does anyone know if it is possible to pay for the Lifeshine separately so it does not go towards the total cost of the car. thanks Byron
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    tracking new order

    Hi just ordered a new build A3 and was told there is a way to track the progress of the order can anyone point me in the right direction, and have they used it lately as Audi uk say the site has been down for over 5 months and this option is not available. many thanks Byron
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    Service history on my Audi

    Hi does anyone know how to check the service history on the my Audi website all it seems to show is the pdi history and this (Online services may be deactivated The status of the privacy settings in this vehicle is not displayed here. Online services may not work, as the “Send data” switch in...
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    A1 2018 SPORTBACK S LINE Space saver

    Hi I have a 2018 sline sportback with the battery in the middle of the boot and I am looking to purchase a space saver spare wheel and tyre to replace the fluid kit if anyone has fitted one of these could you let me know the Audi part number for the wheel and tyre, the wheels on the car are rR17...
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    Hi can anyone please let me know what the Audi part number is on the compressor for the tyre repair kit for this car. many thanks bj
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    Q5 2014 Space saver 20" Wheel part number required

    Hi can anyone please help I have a 64 plate Q5 quattro S line plus, tyre size 255 /45 /R20 I am trying to find the part number of a space saver wheel and tyre. as you are aware Audi don't give out part numbers. many thanks bj
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    space saver wheel

    Hi can anyone please help I have a TT S line quattro 67 plate with 19"x 9 5 arm star wheels (standard uk fit) tyres 245/35 r19 I am looking for a space saver wheel to fit, does anyone know a audi part number or point me in the right direction to obtain one many thanks bj
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    map updates

    Hi can anyone please help I have a tt oct 2017 and I saw that on the audi connect site there is a new map update 2018 does anyone know if the new map updates have the new mersey gateway toll bridge in them many thanks b jones