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  1. tdisportuk

    Strangle idle and drive 2.0tdi 140 BKD

    Hi hmm very true, the engine management light was on for the MAF sensor now that its been changed and error code cleared drove around for a day with the problem no lights or codes were present. The problem wasnt present with the old maf - im 110% sure surely i would of noticed it...
  2. tdisportuk

    Strangle idle and drive 2.0tdi 140 BKD

    ah Nigel! hope all is good buddy. do you think this would sort it? Will give tps a bell tomorrow and ask them the part number for the pump :) many thanks
  3. tdisportuk

    Damn wiring and buzzing noises

    wiring harness canvas anyone? lol
  4. tdisportuk

    Strangle idle and drive 2.0tdi 140 BKD

    thats a ******! tried contacting tdi-man but with no responce as yet he hasnt been on here recently. I think you may be right, as when i put a bottle of diesel injector cleaner it didnt happen as much.. (or maybe thats all in my head!) Is changing the pump a big job? Could the exhaust have...
  5. tdisportuk

    Strangle idle and drive 2.0tdi 140 BKD

    Hi there, thanks for the reply! hmm fuel pump at 37k miles?! damn.. will PM him in the mean time any more clues? vagcom shows nill deffo not electronic.. Thanks
  6. tdisportuk

    fog lamp surround

    used TPS for a while and the are wicked! - however cross check with euro they sometimes are better! But as said if you want the genuine article VAG parts TPS is the place - also ask for discount the guys do help
  7. tdisportuk

    Strangle idle and drive 2.0tdi 140 BKD

    Hi there, car is a 2006 a3 2.0tdi 140bhp BKD Vagcom was showing the MAF sensor needed changing so had this changed yesterday, after the MAF sensor was changed the revs went all wierd not so long after the change, also cant really remember if the car was like that before the MAF sensor change...
  8. tdisportuk

    Finally found what i'm looking for... What do you guys think?

    Keep in mind you cannot use ANY xenon kit as it blows the wiper motor! (countless threads on this!) You have to buy the genuine audi xenons which will cost more than £1000 if new parts are used! even secondhand parts your looking at over £800! so consider this all before you make the move, in...
  9. tdisportuk

    Mass air flow sensor

    ahh wicked guys seems simple, lets see if i can do it when it arrives on Monday! @navnayyar - thats the price from euro car parts well its already been discounted the normal price is £69+ vat with a £20 surcharge, i picked it up for £52 inc vat and the surcharge so in total i pay £27! got all...
  10. tdisportuk

    Argh Electric windows stop coming down when i am pressing down the key !!!!

    Hi have you disconned the battery recently? if you use the buttons on the drivers side put the windows down and up (keeping the buttons pressed all the way) and then it should work with the one touch press (press one and it goes all the way down) then try it again with the key :)
  11. tdisportuk

    Mass air flow sensor

    Hi everyone. Need to change my mass air flow sensor as its showing up on vagcom, and its giving crap fuel economy! Got one on order (£52) are these easy to change? if so is there a guide or anything else that i need? car is a 06 reg 2.0tdi BKD engine and obv an A3 =D Many thanks in advance:)
  12. tdisportuk

    rear light problem???

    the passenger side has the revserse light! -drivers is a rear fog as said previously!
  13. tdisportuk

    preston audi!...terrible

    feel for you here. if it wasnt for this forum, i'd be tottaly screwed. Problem lasted for so long as clearly modules were moved back then couldnt be put back right so it was all forced which bent pins in the steering ecu!
  14. tdisportuk

    ESP Light... & 'Whirring' 5th gear

    whats the fault code?
  15. tdisportuk

    one touch windows problem

    could be a faulty switch, but like you said to programme it just hold them for a few seconds whilst going up and down then one touch is meant to work.
  16. tdisportuk

    Turbo Gone!!!! Just out of Warranty.

    when did the warranty finish? - you can sometimes persuade them pay out for a percentage of the cost.
  17. tdisportuk

    Problems after a new slip ring

    my bad :$ ..edited and corrected! sorry.
  18. tdisportuk

    Problems after a new slip ring

    @1wheelonly @NHN - thank you again guys, yes i wouldnt even want to think about what audi would of charged for this - considering they would of just put on new parts rather than attempting to mend the current one plus redicoulous ammounts of labour. @khufu - already 'exchanged' words, caused...