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    Paintless Dent/Smart Repairs Around Guildford?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can recommend any smart repairers around the Guildford area. Don't mind travelling a bit further though. I got a quote from a guy of £45 per panel, but I have 4 car park dinks in 3 panels! So makes it very expensive! Ideally I would be looking for someone...
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    Number Plate Lights

    Hi guys, With my new bootlid just arrived (facelift one), I'm looking to upgrade from the halogen number plate lights to LED ones. I've done a bit of searching, and found 2 part numbers, and was just wondering if anyone else here has fitted them and not had any problems. Numbers are...
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    Door Dinks!

    Hi guys, Starting getting the car ready for ADI, and apart from suspension, bumpers, brakes, I want to get a few door dinks taken out. Does anyone know of a good guy/company that can do it for quite cheap? Its not just my car either, I have at least 3 if not 5 cars that need doing. Would all...
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    3.2 Exhaust on a 2.0TDI?

    Hi guys, I have removed my exhaust from my 3.2 petrol, as I have replaced it with an S6 exhaust. Trying to sell my exhaust and I have a guy who owns a 2.0TDI and was wondering if it will fit? Anyone have any clues as to if it will? He's only looking for the straight pipe look, so just the back...
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    Sat Nav Problem

    Hi guys, Just purchased a used Navigation unit to fit to my A6. Bought all the wiring and a GPS attena, all hooked up correctly. I downloaded a 2012 map disc, and burnt it to a DVD+R. When I put the disc in, it seems to work fine, until you do a search for a street. It then comes up with...
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    S6 C6 Rear Valance/Diffusor

    Hi guys, Just fitted an S6 exhaust to my A6 3.2 Saloon, and I'm looking for the rear valance to allow the 4 tips off of an S6. How much would it be? Thanks, Chris.
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    Who'd I see today?

    Who was it I saw today in Guildford? Going between Guildford and Woking. I recognise the car from here. A silver B7 with an orange grill surround, wing mirrors and rear diffusor. I was in the Dolphin Grey DTM with S6 LEDs. Anyone know who this is? Be great to meet another local person!
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    DTM Boot Spoiler

    Anyone know of anywhere you can get a DTM style boot spoiler apart from Audi? Theres a fibreglass replica on eBay, but not sure on the quality of it. Doesn't have to be carbon fibre. Or does anyone on here have one they no longer want, willing to buy it if you are!
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    Coilovers Installed, Rear Perch Seized

    Hi guys, I installed a set of FK coilovers on my car last weekend, and one of the rear coilover perch's has completely seized, no matter how much I try to turn it. Anyone know of somewhere I can get just 1 perch from? And I assume pretty much any coilover manufacturers perch will fit as...
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    2.0TFSI Quattro Auto?

    Hey guys, Quick question. Did Audi ever make a 2.0TFSI Quattro with the Auto DSG gearbox on the slightly older 8P2 models? I know you can get a brand new A3 with those options, but I would be looking for a slightly older one if possible. I have found 3.2 Quattro DSGs, and 2.0TFSI Quattro...
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    An Introduction and Farewell

    Thought I should post up some pictures of my B6 before its gone. Its an Arctic White 2.0FSI FWD SE. Many mods done. Lets see what I remember... - S Line Front Bumper - DTM Side Skirts - DTH Black GRP Side Skirts underneath the DTMs - Cupra Lip - 18" AEZ Lascars - Bi-Xenon S4 Headlights -...