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  1. bearder2006

    What Mpg 2lt tdi do you get

    Really thinking of getting a cab or a black edition just wondering what mpg you get my a4 I'm getting about town 40 on a run up to 52mpg just to compare
  2. bearder2006

    a5 cab diesel reviews please

    got a a4 cab b7 thinking of changing for a a5 cab diesel what are they like mpg , comfort , s line ? just a bit of help before i part with the cash please
  3. bearder2006

    parking sensors

    think one of my parking sensor have gone any idea of price or part number 2006 cab
  4. bearder2006

    handsfree kit

    been quoted 300+vat for one what i can use all buttons on my steering wheel and shows up on dash is this a good price?fitted
  5. bearder2006

    insurance due with alloys

    give a few ideas who you use and prices you pay and i will give them a bell im with sky at the minute and renewal is £592 with me and our lass my car is a 2006 audi a4 cab with alloys
  6. bearder2006

    full service

    well its just been done with cambelt and a sensor drives better now just in need of a remap:yum:
  7. bearder2006

    will a s4 grill fit a cab b7 ?

    just toying with the idea
  8. bearder2006

    exhaust differential sensor fault

    were is it ? much are they ? are they hard to repair ?:sadlike:
  9. bearder2006

    exhaust sensor is this a big problem ?

    ecu light came on had it put on computer and came up with exhaust sensor got reset was ok then came on again is this a big problem ? what will it do ? what should the cost be about to replace:think:
  10. bearder2006

    help needed with vag com

    ive my engine managment light as come on and need some one with a vag com local if poss to plug in to fing the fault please in in alfreton derbys :crying:
  11. bearder2006

    well i never thought of this

    my car has 6cd radio and a tape player YES A TAPE PLAYER on a 2006 i put a thread on here a few weeks ago about playing my iphone in my a4 cab and there was a few things but was expensive , then my mate came round with one of these Car Tape Cassette CD MD Adapter for MP3 MP4 iPod NANO plays...
  12. bearder2006

    iphone into the car

    what would i need to add my iphone to my a4 cab 1 for the music 2 to use my phone hands free would it be a hard job? what would i need ? :readit:
  13. bearder2006

    heated miirrors

    how hard is it to put them in as my cab dont have them and what would i need ?:readit:
  14. bearder2006

    mould on cab roof

    noticed ive got some green mould on the roof any advice whats the best to remove it ?:tapedshut:
  15. bearder2006

    change a brake light bulb

    well how the **** they have changed !! well how do you get to change it please :eyebrows:
  16. bearder2006

    vag com

    can you down load the software ? then buy a cable and use your own laptop ? if so any links please :blackrs4:
  17. bearder2006

    rear parking sensors

    can you turn them up the sound as mine are not that load ? if so how ?
  18. bearder2006

    best place for remap ?

    well will it be worth it it ?:busted_cop:
  19. bearder2006

    what to look for when getting a tt 2001 to 2004

    whats the best spec ? what problems to look for? any good info please
  20. bearder2006


    :pwell sky just beat my best quote audi a4 cab 2006 £498.60 all in comp,19" alloys ,car hire , protect no clams , our lass on as well worth a try ask for danny tel 02083645500 :yes: