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  1. AndyC555

    20' Ispiri FFR6 pictures

    Anybody got 20' Ispiri FFR6 in black on their car?. Would you mind posting pictures please. Preferably black Avant with black wheels. Many thanks.
  2. AndyC555

    intermittent alarm issue?

    Hello, What would cause the car alarm to go off intermittently for no reason? At first I thought it may have been a genuine trigger by suspicious activity so I thought nothing of it. But then it kept happening more often. So I decided to spend a day just sitting out on the drive (it was a nice...
  3. AndyC555

    Small mods to my A6 Avant

    Some small mods make a big difference. Maxton Design front splitter Puddle Lights I haven't gotten around to fitting to splitter yet. When this lockdown is lifted I'll hopefully get to a friends garage and get it on. The puddle lights are cheap and easy to do yourself. I got these ones on...
  4. AndyC555

    tdi tuning boxes experience anyone? Has anybody got any experience with using the TDI Tuning boxes? Any good? Worth it? Stay away? It offers plug and play +47BHP and +88NM of torque.
  5. AndyC555

    software updates/MMI updates?

    Hello, I picked up my 2018 A6 this evening. First Audi car I've owned. 5000 miles on the clock and it drives like new. Really happy with it. What are the first things I should check for in terms of... software updates? MMI updates? Is there aftermarket ways of installing Apple carplay? Is it...
  6. AndyC555

    S line? BE? totally confused

    Hello, New to the forum and I'm ordering C8 A6 Avant but after a chat with the dealer I'm still totally confused. I don't want any chrome on the car and I want tinted windows. So do I order an SE? S Line? Black Edition? S line Black edition? (if there is such a thing) I've decided the...