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  1. Ginge247

    Sold Audi Rs4 style wheels

    Sold m8 sorry Sent from my SM-G996B using Tapatalk
  2. Ginge247

    Sold Audi Rs4 style wheels

    A set of 4 19" alloy wheels and tyres. These wheels are called MAM A5 which are a German Tuv certified manufacturer, not the cheap Chinese stuff seen on ebay! I purchased these brand new 18 months ago and had them professionally refinished 2 months ago in a stealth copper finish with a matt...
  3. Ginge247

    For Sale Tdi tuning

    I've got a tdi tuning module with Bluetooth for sale. I've had it nearly just over a year and it's still in very good condition. It fits the A4 b9 3.0 tdi 272 engine but can be reprogrammed for any vehicle (see tdi tuning website). I'm in the UK, County Durham. £150 plus postage. Please message...