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  1. col6821

    TT Modifications

    Sounds like a visit to the TT Shop is in order... Col
  2. col6821

    Interior light problem

    Hi all, Anyone know of a fix for this....? The passenger side interior light has stopped working when the door is opened. The drivers side light still comes on, and the passenger side light still works when switched on manually. Switching it either way via the main on/off switch hasn't...
  3. col6821

    Sorry about the weather...

    That'll be caused by our purchase of a TT Roadster! Picked it up on Saturday, and it's rained or snowed ever since! Hasn't managed to dampen the new car experience though, after nearly 12 months away it's good to be back in a powerful, well built Audi. Thanks to those who offered advice...
  4. col6821

    2005 3.2 TT Roadster to buy or not to buy?

    Ha ha, that's exactly what happened (and the salesman knew it would). I was originally going to look at a DSG car, but that wasn't available, so we've ended up with a manual, but as the car will be mainly driven by my wife (she's only ever driven manual cars), and it's very well spec'd up, I'm...
  5. col6821

    2005 3.2 TT Roadster to buy or not to buy?

    Thanks for the responses all. I drove it today, and it drove really well, nice and firm, not too much noise from the roof (although a little more than expected at mway speeds, so the dealer is checking this out). It's done 18,700 miles so it's got a few to go before the cambelt change...
  6. col6821

    2005 3.2 TT Roadster to buy or not to buy?

    Hi All I've been around this forum for about 18 months, I prevoiusly had an S3 and I'm now thinking of buying a clean example of the above for 'er indoors. Having already had the 1.8t engine in my S3 (210Bhp) I'd like to try the 3.2 DSG. Is there anything I should look out for, or is it...