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  1. jerrygttdi

    S4 Headlight change

    Cheers for the quick reply, that's what I was thinking, but wasn't 100% sure
  2. jerrygttdi

    S4 Headlight change

    I am having to replace my drivers side headlight, after a pheasant chose to fly straight into it. The question is, would the replacement unit need to be coded before it will work ? Thanks in advance
  3. jerrygttdi

    Scone Palace 13.00 on Saturday 11th April

    Great day out, between the showers.
  4. jerrygttdi

    B8 Thinking About A New RS4 Avant

    Why oh why did I open this thread. To make matters worse, I am sitting offshore with a couple of days downtime, and have spent the last couple looking at deals on Audi's website.
  5. jerrygttdi

    100000 Miles Club

    My S4 Avant is showing 105000 miles. Although you would never know it, to see or drive it. I absolutely love it, and will be holding on to it for a few years yet.
  6. jerrygttdi

    Please help I only want to change my rear pads!

    I have changed the rear pads on my S4 using this post, worked a treat. You don't have to have VCDS to complete a brake pad change as Aaron had an alternative method. <br /><br />I found this post by disealdoos:<br /><br />"The electromechanical parking brake is a 12-volt motor that engages and...
  7. jerrygttdi

    2010 S4 Avant Revo stg 1

    Cheers Boydie, I got the stasis system from Steve Worthers at Revo, they were selling off their old stock at a bargain price, they were going for £850 , so it would have been rude not to snap up an offer like that. I haven't noticed much difference in induction noise as it still utilises the...
  8. jerrygttdi

    2010 S4 Avant Revo stg 1

    <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457301713.jpg (4.21 MiB) <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457246296.jpg (4.76 MiB) <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457207129.jpg (3.17 MiB) <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457169860.jpg (3.81 MiB) <br />uploadfromtaptalk1426457107372.jpeg (92.28 KiB) <br...
  9. jerrygttdi

    Inverness area users????

    B8 S4 Rogart, Sutherland
  10. jerrygttdi

    German invasion at crail raceway on the 14th of September

    Ok, I have managed to get a few of them.
  11. jerrygttdi

    German invasion at crail raceway on the 14th of September

    I will see if he can post a link up on here.
  12. jerrygttdi

    German invasion at crail raceway on the 14th of September

    Revo Steve has a good album on his fb page, with a good selection of photos of the day. Here's a couple he had of mine, my 97k clutch was protesting off the line. Had to roll it off the line before nailing it through the rest of the gears. Great day though.
  13. jerrygttdi

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Here are a few of my sprint blue avant.
  14. jerrygttdi

    S4 Real World Mpg. What You All Getting?

    Hi Rum4mo. I did not realise that it was on bypass until 3000. I just presumed by the way I could leave it 3rd gear around an uphill hairpin bend and it still pulls from 1000rpm. Trick971. I don't have the sps module yet, so it stays on the revo map all the time. Through all that time have...
  15. jerrygttdi

    S4 Real World Mpg. What You All Getting?

    Not many super unleaded station's around here. So mostly run it on normal unleaded. But when I get the chance she gets treated to V power. When its on the second tank of super you notice a big difference in response and drive. That's when you really feel the difference of the remap. Yeah...
  16. jerrygttdi

    S4 Real World Mpg. What You All Getting?

    I can wholeheartedly recommend one. have had my b8 S4 avant with Revo stage 1 remap for over a year now, it has averaged 25.5 over that period. I travel from Sutherland down to Aberdeen and back once a month to go offshore. If I take the A96 sitting between 50-70 depending on traffic, it...
  17. jerrygttdi

    Ducati Key cutting in Edinburgh area ???

    Thanks for that Sandra, I will try them again tomorrow. I know they do not cut them, but hopefully they might know someone that does.
  18. jerrygttdi

    S4 Sport differential

    Hi Folks Just a quick question, I have a 2010 B8 S4 Avant that is almost perfect, the spec is, sprint blue, B&O sound, sat/nav, s/sport seats, black optics, privacy glass, 19" alloys. The only thing that I feel it is missing, is the sport differential. I am wondering if anybody knows whether...
  19. jerrygttdi

    Ducati Key cutting in Edinburgh area ???

    Hi Folks Can someone on here please help. I am trying to find somewhere that can cut my blank key for my wife's 696 Ducati monster. the key has a centre keyway rather than the conventional edge keyway. I am located north of Inverness, but will be down in Edinburgh towards the weekend, if any...
  20. jerrygttdi

    S4 Winter wheels

    Aye, it's 19s that are on mine. But up here in the Highlands we get a fair bit of snow and the 255s are a bit wide.