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  1. jackj

    Audi Tts 2011 - When To Change Can Belt Etc?!

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a 2011 TTS. However, it has done just under 60,000. Can you guys advise when the major service should be done on this car and when the cambelt should be changed etc.? Anything else I should be aware of for a car at around this mileage? Help much appreciated of...
  2. jackj

    Window tinting and the new law

    It's good to see the Tinting firm were honest with you instead of just taking your cash! Which company on Teesside was this?
  3. jackj

    Shell V power prices

    After only using V-Power Diesel for the past 3+ months I am now fully convinced it is worth the extra money (which isn't that much when calculated over a full tank). The engine has better response and actually sounds so much quieter than other cars of the same make/spec etc. This will alway's...
  4. jackj

    Experiance day

    I did one in the 5.2 V10 R8 - unbelieveable experience - highly recommended!
  5. jackj

    My New Car

    Nice blue colour that - good choice
  6. jackj

    Audi Mechanic guides

    +1 on the ElsaWin :thumbsup:
  7. jackj

    Slept in your car?

    I slept in a sleeping bag on the drivers seat of my car, woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't feel my legs at all (pins and needles) so I paniced, kind of fell out of the car head first thinking it was some sort of living nightmare haha
  8. jackj

    Shell V power prices

    I'm hoping to get my V-Power card after this quarter :rockwoot:need 150 litres in a quarter to qualify and I've already exceeded that!
  9. jackj

    Dropped an allen key in engine bay

    What is the easiest way to remove the under tray though? I think my Dad is considering doing this now. Would it be to just jack the car up at one side or?
  10. jackj

    Dropped an allen key in engine bay

    Haha my Dad is like that, he just can't be fussed removing the tray, and to be honest neither can I - even though I should as I'm the one who dropped it! Thanks for all the input, will just have to wait till it falls out
  11. jackj

    Dropped an allen key in engine bay

    If he doesn't remove the under tray though, no problem will emerge will they?
  12. jackj

    Dropped an allen key in engine bay

    Hi mate, Sorry yeah it's landed on the plaster under tray - anything to worry about?
  13. jackj

    Shell V power prices

    151.9 now for V Power Diesel in Teesside :(
  14. jackj

    Dropped an allen key in engine bay

    Hi all, Whilst helping my Dad cleaning out the air filter in his Golf GT TDI 2007, I accidently dropped an allen key - oops! It fell straight to the bottom on the plastic undertray of the car. Had the torch out and cannot see the allen key anywhere. Started the engine and there's no rattling or...
  15. jackj

    Shell V power prices

    I paid 150.9 for V Power Diesel last weekend :( ! The price digits were flying up and the litres were going up soooo slow!
  16. jackj

    Arghhh typical weather!

    As if this has happened again - washed and waxed my car in the blistering sunshine and now it's raining and thundering! ARGHHHHHH!! :wtf::mad:
  17. jackj

    STOLEN WHEELS - Keep an eye out!!

    Sorry to hear mate :(
  18. jackj

    STOLEN WHEELS - Keep an eye out!!

    Any news on this mate?
  19. jackj

    What not to do with a Bugatti Veyron

    Painful to watch! ha
  20. jackj

    Shell V power prices

    Which Shell station you using mate? The Shell on the A66 is always more expensive than Eston, Yarm etc.