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    Aluminum Door trim with LED lighting PNs?

    Does anyone know the genuine Audi part numbers for the Brushed Aluminum LED door trims please? :)
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    Stuck wire terminator in BCM?!

    When altering some BCM wiring, a wire terminator has got stuck in my BCM, but the wire not, and I cannot get it out ‍♂️ I have ordered some termination removal tools (arriving tomorrow), but can anyone tell me the correct name of the wire terminators used for wire into the BCM, so I can buy...
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    2015 A3 1.8 TFSI OEM Air Filter box small rubber pipe/tubing connected on the LHS of the box?

    I just went through the annoying process of fitting a new RamAir induction kit to my 1.8 S-Line, and I got to the very last step of connecting the thin rubber tube into the LHS of the new air box, and it doesn't reach by 1-2"! To say I was annoyed was an under statment haha! I have no idea...
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    Aftermarket exhausts for 1.8 TFSI non-existent?!

    After searching and searching, I can find now Cat Back systems for the A3 8V 1.8TFSI. It's like this model just had no after market exhasusts created for it... I can find exhausts for the 1.4 tfsi, 1.8TSI (which must be nearly idenitcal?), just not my exact model. Has anyone fitted an after...
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    Is there a single split tailpipe (1-1, not 2-2) diffuser for the A/S3 8V?

    Hey all, Haven' really posted much lately, but I have a 2015 1.8 S-Line (ECU and DSG remapped), and I'd like to fit a singular split exhaust (not S3/S3 style), but I have seen no diffusers, and only examples of this done on an 2015 A3 saloon. Any info or help appreciated! Many thanks Si
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    Chrome deleting window trim using spray paint?

    Obviously, a lot of people de-chrome their window trims using wrap, but I don't like the idea of wrapping it as it's fiddly and I'd be scared of scratching my paintwork due to being too heavy handed haha. Has anyone every primed and sprayed their window chrome black? IF anyone knows of anyone...
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    Just saying hello

    Hey everyone. My names Simon, live in Maidstone Kent. I just recently bought a 3dr 2015 1.8 DSG TFSI S Line A3 3 weeks ago, upgrading from an old 2004 2.0 FSI 3dr. Hope to be sorting out my wheel hubs and calipers this weekend as the 19" rotor alloys show the rust badly :( hahahaha. I have a...