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  1. munchkincoupe

    Northern Ireland car

    I'm looking at an A3 this weekend that has a JIG..... number plate and previously IIL..... reg number. These would be from NI. The car has been in the England for the last 10 months and has full audi service history. Is there anything specific that I should be aware of with it being from NI? HPI...
  2. munchkincoupe

    HPI check on 2.0T

    I've just run a HPI check on a car I'm going to view this weekend that is a 2006 A3 sportback 2.0TFSI Sline Spec Ed Quattro 200bhp. The check has come back with A3 SE Sline FSI Quattro. Everything else checks out. Is this just a model variation i.e., SE doesn't come with rear parking sensors...
  3. munchkincoupe

    Which petrol Avant - A4, A6 or S4 ?

    I need your advice please? I've currently got an A8 D3 3.tdi quattro sport as I used to do a 60mile per day commute and worked 6 days per week. I now work 3 days per week and get the train to work, the station being 4km from my house. I'm now self-employed and will be looking to get a business...
  4. munchkincoupe

    Identify this bulb please

    I went to change the front indicator bulbs for silver visions on my A8 D3 2005 yesterday and found that they weren't PY21W bulbs. I've taken a pic of the bulbs below but I can't find any info to tell me what they are any help with identifying them would be much appreciated Thanks
  5. munchkincoupe

    Best sealant for resealing a headlight?

    Can anyone recommend a product for resealing a headlight please? 3M Butyl Sealant? Something better now? Rear light on my A8 D3 has condensation in it and looks like someone has tried to clean it but have seperated the exterior lens from the housing so once I get it off and clean it out I'm...
  6. munchkincoupe

    A8 D3 3.0 tdi - thoughts?

    I test drove a 3.0tdi A8 D3 a few days and thought it was an awesome motor. Smooth drive, lots of toys as standard and a massive boot. I do a 40mile round trip everyday on 60/70mph roads/motorways. Thought I would read around them a bit more before going back with my wife but there is very...
  7. munchkincoupe

    part number check for dark rear light?

    Can somebody with ETKA please check this part number please - 8E9 945 095A 12S and see what it gives you? It seems to be a darker finish rear light for the avant. I've just bought it off ebay and it's arrived but it is much darker than both of mine Thanks for any help
  8. munchkincoupe

    euro car parts sale

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  9. munchkincoupe

    Avant boot struts - same across B6, B7 and B8?

    I replaced the boot struts on my A4 B6 avant with some aftermarket ones from ebay as my OEM ones were leaking. They don't lift evenly or at the same rate so I want to put OEM parts back on which I believe are part number 8E9 827 552 - would used ones from a B7 or B8 avant also be the same part...
  10. munchkincoupe

    Driver's door lock won't work with key

    I've searched and can't find anyone who has had the same issue. I've just refurbed my non-working key with new pad and battery. I need to sync it but my driver's side door loak won't open or close with the key. It works fine with the remote central locking, will lock/unlock with the interior...
  11. munchkincoupe

    arch trim clips

    Can anyone tell me the part number or the type of clip that fixes the front arch splash guards to the front bumper please? All of mine appear to have gone walkies!?!?!?
  12. munchkincoupe

    new key, battery or something else?

    Got out of my car 2 days ago, locked it, went into a shop, came out and fob wouldn't work. Then I find the normal problem that driver's door lock won't turn with the key. Had to unlock the boot lock with the key, climb through the boot and manually override the alarm. Drove the car home and the...
  13. munchkincoupe

    part number for wiper mechanism

    Does anyone know the part number for the wiper mechanism and associated parts please? My driver's side is squeaking badly and I don't have time to do the strip down so would rather just replace the parts Thanks
  14. munchkincoupe

    B5 RS4 - still love these?

    Still want one of these..... 2000 Audi RS4 Quattro B5 Estate Avus Silver | eBay ....... wish I lived closer to work!
  15. munchkincoupe

    3.0tdi or 2.7tdi, manual or auto ?!?

    I've currently got a low mileage 1.9tdi 130bhp Quattro Avant B6 sport. My daily commute involves 10miles on a 60mph single carriageway with 3 overtaking points and then 13 miles of motorway. I lack the grunt to overtake confidently and have thought about getting a remap but I'm thinking more...
  16. munchkincoupe

    straight tailpipes on 1.9tdi exhaust

    If I were to fit the twin cut out rear bumper valance onto my avant 1.9tdi is it a simple job to just fit straight tailpipe trims to my downturned tailpipes - obviously I would expect to cut some of the original pipe down Thanks
  17. munchkincoupe

    Cheapest tyre courier?

    I bought a tyre from ebay that I need to return. I'm trying to find a cheap tyre courier to send it back as it has a slow puncture. It's a 16" 4x4 tyre and the cheapest I can find is £15 with direct courier solutions - anyone recommend anyone cheaper please?
  18. munchkincoupe

    Value my car - 1.9tdi quattro avant

    I've been offered a nice B7 so I'm trying to work out if I can afford to swap right now. This is my car it's on 53k miles, no faults, belts done, recently refurbed B8 18" wheels with almost...
  19. munchkincoupe

    Offer to buy my car from offer-autotrader?

    My wife's glof plus is on autotrader at the moment. I've just received an offer via text from this company to buy it Best Price Paid For Your Car - Guaranteed. The text comes with an id to review the offer but it says they come and inspect the car Does this sound dodgy as I can't find any...
  20. munchkincoupe

    Part number needed for ECU box

    I need to get replacement top and bottom sections for my ECU housing on my A4 B6 1.9tdi quattro sport. The part number has worn off on the top section but looks like it could be 8E2 907 613 or 618 D Can anyone confirm this for me please Thanks