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  1. JUS3IN

    Info on audirsparts remapping and enginesnr Manchester?

    Hello all, I just had a 40 min conversation with the guy from audirsparts about his recon engines and hybrids, he said his stage 3 hybrid can make 380bhp and is only 780 quid? Anyone done delt with them, he knows of bbt and praised his turbos. Thinking of buying an engine of the guy, he does...
  2. JUS3IN

    Prism rods now rifle drilled!?

    Any opinions on these? On eBay for 270 quid.
  3. JUS3IN

    Hybrid help

    Hey all, can I get some help, was thinking about big turbo but restraining to hybrid for now. What will I need to go hybrid? I know I need rods, my apy block spun two big ends crank looked OK so I threw some new bearings in and it's been fine for 3000 miles but obviously not a good idea to...
  4. JUS3IN

    led bulbs what i need?

    hey all, I have facelift a3 headlights in the front of my s3 which I converted to hid as obv they arnt xenon and I would like all the lights to match in colour, is it led bulbs I need? any links to ones that wont mess with the bulb warning systems, sorry if this has been over before....
  5. JUS3IN

    badger 5 or r-tech gains?

    hey all, I had my car mapped at amd a few years back, its a 1999 s3 apy, mods in my signature. as below it made 280bhp and 262lbft, obviously amd's rollers are highly debated here tho!-) I'm pretty happy at the moment but just wondering how much I could gain by getting it custom mapped by bill...
  6. JUS3IN

    massive vibration and epc light?

    hi all, new problem with the s3, was just pulling back into my village when I gained a 'massive' vibration as if I had attacted an extra kilo to one piston, it was banging also, similar to when you blow a cv? sounds pretty serious but hopefully not? nursed it up the road and she stalled on the...
  7. JUS3IN

    vcds 15.1 cable?

    hi all, can someone copy a link to the right cable for this version, vcd lite doesn't work on my new laptop so my current cable is now useless?? cant seem to find a cable on ebay that I'm sure is correct? edit; vcds version 15.7....
  8. JUS3IN

    What is this?

    The small black box behind the sub against the wing with the red connection block?
  9. JUS3IN

    Is Your Seat Stuck Forward

    gotta laugh, so after a hand carwash today my passenger seat wouldnt fold back and seemed jammed forward, as annoyed as i was the seat catch has been broken for ages so i could hardly blame them so i set off home... also some of my plasti dip had torn on my wheel, my brake light warning problem...
  10. JUS3IN

    any thoughts on this?
  11. JUS3IN

    why do r32 cost more?

    does it bug anyone else that golf r32 cost so much more than the s3, the s3 is a better car imo although i like the look of mk4r32 a little more, why do they still go for 5k with 120k!?
  12. JUS3IN

    ebay breaking parts find for anyone interested.

    was just flicking through ebay and came across this.
  13. JUS3IN

    need more power, played with mk7 fiesta st

    hey all, thought i would share my experience here, was out with the missus after a baby free night at the cinema and had a play with a white fiesta turbo. As we pulled onto a duel carriageway he was behind me, and i say to the missus i think a new fiesta st is behind, he dropped the hammer and i...
  14. JUS3IN

    Rhino lip, alternative to lcr splitter.

    Hey all, thought i would post this for those not following my progress thread. The lip is totally flexable and great if your a crap driver like me and are fed up of ripping your lcr splitter off on kirbs!-) took alot of screws to get it right but im fairly happy with the end result.
  15. JUS3IN

    lowered now un-level at rear?

    hey all, i fitted my budget coilovers yesterday, was happy with the front but not the rear as it seemed high, so i removed the adjusters and let it sit on the springs and rubber ring alone was in a rush so didnt check it was level... anyway today ive noticed one side (drivers) is at least 15+mm...
  16. JUS3IN

    JUS3IN's progress thread.

    hey all, im fitting my budget coilovers the weekend if the weather is good, got some gunmetal plastidip coming for the wheels the following weekend so thought i would throw a pic up for some before and after shots. Engine bay is overdue a good clean too. This thread is long over due really as...
  17. JUS3IN

    is this what you need to go low on an s3? is this a different part to tie rods? thinking of fitting my coilovers ive had in my garage for a year!-)
  18. JUS3IN

    s3 swap for mk1 golf

    Hey people i went and met a guy with a mk1 gti today as a possible swap for my s3 and need some un bias help, im on thr fence and my friend said im gonna regret either decision and he is right... I drive the s3 every 1-2 weeks and enjoy myself but love my retro cars. Today i climbed out of my...
  19. JUS3IN

    brake light warning caused by brake switch?

    Alright people, ive been battling with an intermittent brake light failure warning light, i scanned the brake section on vcds and it says no response from controller so i cleaned the bulbs/holders/connections but still i get this warning randomly going off, its very annoying. so today i done a...
  20. JUS3IN

    What have you had to fix!!!

    hey all, was thinking today how much my darn 8l s3 wouldve cost me if i werent handy with the spanners and without you guys, what have you replaced due to failure? what have you added too? must be the most unreliable car ive owned! thank god for vcds! add mileage and length of time owned...