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  1. sabaxter

    S4 rear doorcards with blinds?

    Is there any body after a set of 4 black nappa bose doorcards with integrated blinds? If so pm me i have a set in mint condition. They are in the classifieds too.
  2. sabaxter

    avant parcel shelf help

    I removed my shelf ages ago when i changed interior. I have gone bacl to standard but cant get the shelf to clip on the back of the seat? Is there a techmique to thos? Cheers
  3. sabaxter

    what are these parts worth?

    thinking of selling a few bits: Audi auto dim rearview mirror with on off button, fully functioning. Audi ming blue (repainted 6months ago professionally) door blades Rs4 9 piece carbon fiber trim set. I know these are rs4 as they have a larger weave pattern unlike the s4. Custom fiberglass...
  4. sabaxter

    Cleaning the Recaros

    Okay so i had a bit of a clean of the front seats this morning. I currently use zymol applied with a microfiber cloth. Im hoping to use a heat gun soon to remove some of the wrinkles and clean them with zymol again. I would like to ask: What is the best way to clean the stitching? What is the...
  5. sabaxter

    tyre help?

    Good morning all, i have replaced my front tyres recently and looking to do the backs next payday (i will have 2x kenda 235 35 19 partworns available if anyones interested cost to be decided) My wheels are bbs reps with the following: Rears = 9.5j /ET42 Offset fronts = 8.5j /ET38 Offset My...
  6. sabaxter


    Evening guys, so toady it looks like my battery is coming to an end of its life! So here i am to ask you guys what is the biggest and most powerful battery that i can fit in my b6 avant? I have a large soundsystem too. Thanks for advice, Regards shaun
  7. sabaxter

    adhesive or in channel deflectors

    Which do you think are best guys, use to have heko deflectirs until i lost one! Only issue i ever had was window sensors throwing windows back down therefore do any of you guys have the stick on type or would you stay clear?
  8. sabaxter

    Saloon window blinds

    I know this may not be in the right area but they aren't for sale....yet. I have a pair of the saloon genuine audi roller rear blinds. This will not include door cards. Would anyone be interested in these items?
  9. sabaxter

    Juddering when engaging first

    I have been noticing juddering when moving off in first there after its fine and pulls hard with no slip. Only 8-10 months back I had a new clutch and DMF. Clutch seems to engage quite high up (with pedal) Is this normal?
  10. sabaxter

    Avant rear wiper motor

    Basically I need a new motor due to the common fluid leak issue. Does anyone know if any of the vw or other audi motors fit. Or where you managed to find one cheap. Thanks in advance
  11. sabaxter


    So the old girl hit 155000 this week and she's due a service. What would you guys change and purchase to prolong the life of our ageing motors?
  12. sabaxter

    Rear wiper constantly switched on

    The wiper on my avant recently decided to activate itself and now fails to stop. The stalk has no effect at controlling the wiper and it starts moving as soon as key switches to ignition. And you guessed only stops when I take the key out? Any help or advice? Cheers.
  13. sabaxter

    B6 Headlight Bulb Options

    So my HID bulb in the drivers side has given up finally, so I'm wondering would you guys go for hid again or the new type cree led bulb setup. Has anyone installed these in a b6 without issues?
  14. sabaxter

    vag com results help!

    Did a basic test in the hvac module today. I clicked on basic test and selected 001 for a flap test. All the flaps showed movement in the numbers except flap associated with block 5. My air con doesnt work and was wondering if this flap could be the issue. Does andone know how I can check this...
  15. sabaxter


    On my audi the ac does not work. The passangerside fan constantly spins but the drivers side does not spin even with ac on does this mean that the fan module may be damaged?
  16. sabaxter

    fan control module

    So my aircon still doesnt work! As a precaution I was going to fit another fan control module to hope it helps! I have scanned the car and there are no issues. It was regassed and tested last year for leaks again no issues. I have 12v at the passenger headlamp but dowb by the compressor ist next...
  17. sabaxter

    rear door handle illumination

    Hello all, I have purchased s4 rear door cards with the led's built into the handles. I have converted the doorcard from electric window to manual but due to not having the control module.(as my windows are manual) how can I wire the led's up to come on woth vehicles lights? Can I tap onto a...
  18. sabaxter


    Hello all I have a b6 avant and was wondering if anyone with access to etka or a parts catalogue could get me a part number? I have s4 doorcards off a saloon but the doorblind is the wrong shape for the avant so can somebody find me the part numbers for the avant integrated door blind casetes...
  19. sabaxter

    rear electric windows!

    Ive had a good surf of the net and not managed to come accross a diy or successful mod but has anyone managed to successfully install rear electric windows?
  20. sabaxter

    what is my car worth?

    Hello thinking of changing my car....again! Heres my specs: Ming blue a4 b6 avant 1.9tdi 130 146000 miles with full service history! Remapped via blacksmoke to 162bhp New clutch and dual mass flyweel 1000miles ago New waterpump and all auxillary belts 1000miles ago New wheel bearings last year...