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  1. jrumball

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 AO Lack of rim protection ?

    Just had a set of 4 fitted by my Audi service Center AO spec 225/40 ZR18 . They price matched me to QuickFit @ £99 each which I though was a good deal. They seem to be a lot better than the Pirelli Pzeros I had before which lasted only 10k miles and slipped and spun all the time pulling away...
  2. jrumball

    Key case/body upgrading Review and instructions

    I Bought a replacement key body/case from this seller on Aliexpress after seeing someone in the German A3 e-tron Facebook Page who had bought one. I keep my keys on a carabiner on a belt loop and the cheap poverty spec key that came with the car always pops out and pokes me it’s annoying. It is...
  3. jrumball

    Issues with connected services

    (copied from a Facebook post I made to an A3 e-tron group I have been having issues with the connected services of my car again now ongoing for 3 years, unable to set the preconditioning and general app functionality issues ... ) I am now absolutely fed up with Audi’s attitude to...
  4. jrumball

    Getting Audi to buy back a car

    Does anyone have any experience with getting Audi to buy back a car that has had a reoccurring problem they are having trouble to fix ? Car is only just 3 years old still in its extended warranty was bought for cash approved used from a dealer . It has had a reoccurring fault which means he...
  5. jrumball

    Facelift Not a good day....

    The car lit up like a Christmas tree this morning as I went onto the A1.... It refused to move under petrol or electric power.... It was recovered to Audi and have heard nothing yet !
  6. jrumball

    Facelift RGB LED Rings

    Fitted new RGB LED rings this evening .Controllable through Bluetooth and the custom button and relay setup in the dash =) Have chosen orange at the moment to go with the rest of the accents on the car . They were £80 from amazon. The first set didn't work but the seller gave me £20 off to...
  7. jrumball

    Facelift Tow eye cover help

    Ive had a repair done to the front end of my car .There are a large number off issues with it one being the Quality of paint work. Can someone please take a picture of their toe eye cover and hole to see how it was painted from factory
  8. jrumball

    Monk Jack Vs A3...

    Absolutely gutted a Monk Jack ran in front of the car yesterday morning absolutely no chance of avoiding it hit it square on ! The poor thing rolled for about 20ft then ran off into the bushes.... It has taken out the radar and grill bumper is cracked bonnet scratched air-con rad bent up...
  9. jrumball

    Google Maps Updating !!!

    This appeared this morning out of the blue with no warning whilst driving Navigation was still running in the background just no maps it would still show the normal map if you switched from google maps to traffic map in the right soft key menu .... Didn’t not go away when the progress bar...
  10. jrumball

    Suspension Rattle

    Discovered that my front right suspension had a bolt loose today, only noticed because i rolled the window down for the first time in forever whilst driving at low speed. I have no Idea how long it had been like this ! The suspension was upgraded about 4 months and 5k miles ago, I am guessing...
  11. jrumball

    Bilstein B12 Kit Experience

    I have an e-tron which in the UK is fitted with "Dynamic" suspension from the factory and there were no other options from the factory . It is soft and wallowy and did not match the performance of the car .... I looked at various options including retrofitting mag ride but this appeared to be a...
  12. jrumball

    Terrible Adrian Flux Quote Experience

    Just had a bizarre experience with someone from your quoting team, the lady I spoke to had no emotion wasn't really rude but just not a nice experience, she was very accusatory when I said I had a correspondence address and an address I lived at.... this has not been a problem or even asked by...
  13. jrumball

    Strut nut socket

    Where do I buy one of these from in the UK ? Can only find a set for £50+ ! Am I correct in thinking I need 21mm ? Unless some kind person has one they want to part with .... Thanks
  14. jrumball

    e-tron Battery Inspection

    (Also posted in the A3 e-tron forum but there seems to be no activity there ) At my 30k service I asked if they had a battery condition report as I was concerned my battery had lost a significant amount of capacity as my electric range averages 24-22 miles then drops after 0.5mile to 19miles...
  15. jrumball

    Had my Battery inspected today

    At my 30k service I asked if they had a battery condition report as I was concerned my battery had lost a significant amount of capacity as my electric range averages 24-22 miles then drops after 0.5mile to 19miles and my average consumption is 54.3 mpg which is a third of the 166mpg advertised...
  16. jrumball

    Private Plate Advice

    Going to get a private plate with ET** RON (e-tron) .Not sure what numbest have in the middle .... Is there any desirability to certain numbers ? Annoyingly the only one that made any sense was ET55RON as the new e-tron SUV is a 55 engine .... They are all the same price except for the 66...
  17. jrumball

    Roof Lining Swap

    I had a courtesy car with a black roof lining really liked it .... Has anyone swapped theirs ? Anything I should look out for ? Seems you can get all the parts on eBay for anywhere from £150 upwards . My only concern is how you transport it in the car ... lol as it’s the size of the car ...
  18. jrumball

    Factory fit 18s what tyres ?

    Can someone who had 18s from the factory please tell me the Brand and type of tyre that was fitted from the factory ? I have just got a set of 18s to use as my summer wheels and want to fit what came from the factory . Thanks
  19. jrumball

    Condensation in rear light cluster

    Noticed some condensation in the outside rear drivers light cluster today. It's the only one that has it. Is this normal does anyone else have it. I am slightly worried as they are full LED and have more in them that simple tungsten bulbs.....
  20. jrumball

    Map update release dates

    Does anyone know the frequency or dates that map updates are released ? I would like to update just after a release not just before as it seems we are limited to 5 free updates.....