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  1. dpaz

    For Sale H&R Trak+ 2x 15mm Spacers 112 AUDI/VW/SEAT/FORD

    Sold my 8V S3 couple of months back and having a garage clearout. Got a set of H&R Trak+ spacers 15mm width that will fit Audi/Seat/VW/Ford (H&R P/N: 3055571) £60 incl postage Either item can also be collected from Brigg, Lincolnshire saving the postage cost.
  2. dpaz

    Facelift Electromechancial Parking Brake Frustration

    Has anyone noticed that the handbrake automatic disengage isn't smooth on the 8V? Almost as if it seems to take a fraction of a second too long to disengage. My process is: Approach red light at traffic light Apply foot brake pedal Engage handbrake manually with the switch Let foot off brake...
  3. dpaz

    Facelift Audi Logo/Rings Puddle Lights

    Does anyone know if the Facelift MY17 non-S3 models have the Audi Logo puddle lights as standard? I'm expecting delivery of an MY17 A3 S-Line Saloon in March and if it doesnt have them I'm going to ask my dealer for them.
  4. dpaz

    A5 Coupe Real World MPG

    I'm currently driving a B8 A4 2.0 TDi Saloon 170PS and because I don't need a 5 door at the moment I'm looking at swapping to an A5 coupe. My budget can stretch to £30k but just not sure which engine... S5 I'd love an S5 but I do around 12,000 miles a year and although I'm happy to pay the fuel...
  5. dpaz

    D3S Xenon Bulbs

    Has anyone upgraded their D3S Xenon bulbs? If so, what bulbs did you buy and would you recommend them? Mine are looking pretty yellow so wanting to swap them out. So far I have found: Philips Xtreme-Vision 42403XVC1 4800K D3S Meant to be fairly good performance for your money but only slightly...
  6. dpaz

    Disable Fog Light With Coming Home/leaving Home Fuction

    This one isn't in the list of VCDS tweaks for the B8 and I couldn't find it anywhere when I googled so thought I'd post it up. If you don't like your fog lights being on with the Coming Home/Leaving Home function (if they are yellow or just look out of place) then they can be disabled using...
  7. dpaz

    Auto-Volume Reduction of Stereo with Parking Sensors

    Has anyone got this? I've read conflicting stories as to whether you can get it to work or not with VCDS. Reversing lowering volume of system automatically - A5_OC Basically upon selecting reverse the sound from the stereo is automatically reduced so you can hear the beeps of parking sensors...
  8. dpaz

    MY2014 Non-Nav Bluetooth Streaming

    Do the MY2014 A5's without NAV support bluetooth streaming? (Assuming BT module fitted). I know the black edition's came with AMI kits but seems ridiculous that they are still without BT streaming. I was in an A1 the other day which was fairly basic spec which had it!
  9. dpaz

    Cable Holder

    After one of these as pictured. Fits on the wiring loom which runs down the wheel arch to front bumper at the front bumper end.
  10. dpaz

    Black Edition Grill Part Number

    Does anyone have this part number? ETKA is fairly complicated as there are so many different versions of the grille. I'm after the non-parking sensor version. Looks like this:
  11. dpaz

    Boot lid Closing Adjustment

    Does anyone know if its possible to adjust the closing of the boot lid on a saloon? By maybe adjusting the spring tension or bump stops? My boot doesn't always shut first time and often springs back up. Anyone else have this problem?
  12. dpaz

    Number Plates

    Am I right in thinking its you guys who do the plates with the red "Stoke" then Audi text in the middle? Do you also do them without the black tab section on the bottom by any chance?
  13. dpaz

    RNS-E MK2 to Concert II+

    I've removed my RNS-E MK2 from my A4 so I can sell it and got a Concert II+ to go in its place. I've swapped over the K-Line from pins B5 -> C7 but the Concert II+ won't power on. Nothing is displayed on the screen. Is this because I've not coded it yet to the car? I share a VCDS cable with a...
  14. dpaz

    Xenon Headlight Problem

    Only just picked up my B8 last week and already I've found something wrong. The passenger side headlight projector lens seems to be loose! Best way of describing it the xenon cut-off seems to wobble up and down when driving. It's easiest to see when you pull up behind someone. Also the lens...
  15. dpaz

    B8 Options - MMI 2G High or 3G and LED Rear Lights

    I'm going to look at a 2009 2.0 TDi S-Line 170ps tomorrow and have a few of questions of what to look out for with optional extras. Does anyone know what generation MMI the vehicle is likely to have? The car was registered August 2009 and I have the VIN if that helps. I spoke to the Audi...
  16. dpaz

    RS4 Firewall Tray Cover

    Does anyone know if these fit non-RS4 cars? Would be handy to stop all the leaves and general dirt collecting round the battery etc
  17. dpaz

    Anyone who has retro-fitted Xenons?

    Where did you route the hi-beam wires that run to the Central Electrics module? I'm struggling to find a grommet spare to route into the cabin. I've got past the firewall. The yanks go through the wheel well because of an extra grommet which UK cars don't have. Then the lucky (unlucky?) ones...
  18. dpaz

    Forum Search Not Working

    Gives me an error "connection to localhost:9312 failed (errno=111, msg=Connection refused)"
  19. dpaz

    DTM Wheels Value

    A friend of mine has offered to buy my DTM wheels off me. They have Pirelli P-Zero's on all-round with minimum 5mm tread. Problem is I have no idea what they are worth? There is no kerbing on them, only marks are slight nicks where some tyre monkey has impact drill'd the opening to the wheel...
  20. dpaz

    Posting a New Classified Advert

    Doesn't work for me, gives a blank white page then I loose my advert so have to write it again. Classifieds in general is a bit of a mess as lots of duplications/incorrect category.