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  1. Molnboman

    EML fault code P0006 Lamda sensor?

    Hej Guys, think my bus has thrown it's lamda sensor. Had this fault code P0006 and pretty sure it's the lamda sensor. Anyone know if the BGB engine 2.0t has the 4 or 5 pin connector? Thanks in advance BR Allan
  2. Molnboman

    Q5 2.0tdi buying advice

    Hello Looking to buy a used 2010 CAJA/CJCA Engine, 2.0 tdi 8R. Anything I need to be looking out for. Car has done 110k miles and should have had regular services. Any pointers would be most welcome. Cheers A
  3. Molnboman

    Definitive guide to halogen light adjustment

    Checked the thread search but no there a guide for halogen light adjustment for height. Probablyly just one screw right? BR A
  4. Molnboman

    250k this morning!

    Only two careful owners....current one thrashes it to f@ck!!! hahaha BR A
  5. Molnboman

    247,500kms not out!

    Just treated the old rust bus to a fresh oil and filter change today at 247k kms. Car showed no faults hooked up to the diagnostic either which was a bonus and Is running well. Car is still on original clutch and turbo and is driven daily in pretty scarily cold temperatures in the winter too...
  6. Molnboman

    Happy Hogmanay!

    Just before it all goes a bit Pete Tong wae the bevy, may I wish all Forum members a safe Hogmanay and a good New Year when it comes. Thanks to all who helped me stumble through my usual numptiness in B7 ownership! Very grateful for all your help and advice ya crazy Loons! See you on the...
  7. Molnboman

    How you all handling the bad weather?

    Firstly, hope you had a great Christmas and are all safe and well. I see the UK and Ireland are having some of my weather.....we are at -11c with a few cm's of snow but nothing to write home about. The Mrs managed to freeze up the washers today and the headlight washer passenger side was...
  8. Molnboman

    Stockholm - Goteborg - Oslo round robin!

    Just back from a round robin tour of Goteborg to Oslo then back to Stockholm.....750 miles in 48 hours with a bit of work in between, a few snow storms, temps between -3 and +3 c and some crazy ****** lorry drivers! Those new Nokian Nordman 4 winter studded 205/55/16 tyres were faultess and the...
  9. Molnboman

    Ok Mr Winter......Bring it!

    As promised....for once I am prepared for Winter.....needed some fresh boots for the snow and ice ahead and got a deal on some 205/5516's Nokian Nordman 4's with ice studs.....not diamente! hehe The Mrs came home last night and mentioned forecasts are for a really mild Winter.....Pffffff...
  10. Molnboman

    Great Darts! Fried My Flexi Pipe....

    Great start to my weekend. Floored it in first and Boom! went my exhaust.....Boomy as f@ck expecially under the driver side....always wanted an RS6 sound! hahaha....No smoke, water, oil or bits of metal behind me and nothing hanging off!...Reckon it maybe the flexi pipe or something more...
  11. Molnboman

    Bizarre Random Fridge Moving Question

    Sorry Boys and Girls a radom one here. Need to pick a tall freezer up 175cm x 60cm x 60cm.....has anyone had experience humping a tall fridge in their bus before. Been out with my tape measure and looks doable....just wondering if it's possible as a hire van going to fleece ne 100 quid for 4...
  12. Molnboman

    Uk Car Lucky Buggers!

    I have posted this topic before, but just came back from a week in the UK and was shocked by how little it cost to buy cars back in the Old country. Used car prices are literally half what they are up here and there is no logic in it! I saw A4 b7's going for 50-60% less than the going rate up...
  13. Molnboman

    Car Sailed It's Mot @ 237,000kms

    Just had the annual Besiktning done on my car ( IKEA m.o.t ) and it sailed it with no remarks @ 147k Miles.....this was the second year in a row the inspector congratulated me on the mechanical nick of my old rusty bus.....Chuffed to f&ck I am today. Owned the car since May 2012 when it had...
  14. Molnboman

    New Site Format - Well Done!

    Not sure who is responsible but would just like to say well done to whoever is responsible for the new look forum. You have made the previous easy to use forum.....even better and the layout looks brill. Well done to all involved. BR A
  15. Molnboman

    Another Oil & Filter Change 226,000km's

    Oh, my first post using the new Forum skin!....Lovely. Just had the bus checked over prior to it's Swedish M.O.T later this month. Just gave her some fresh 5w 30 Castrol Edge as a wee treat. Car has now clocked up 236,000 km's not 226k as the title suggest and still going strong. Still on...
  16. Molnboman

    Lower windscreen misting up outside?

    Anyone solve the mystery of why the outside lower of my windscreen is condensating up badly in the evenings. My aircon is working and is cold enough not sure if it is the unusually warm evenings ( 24c ) here versus the chilled interior. Can anyone throw me a bone here? cheers A
  17. Molnboman

    Is there a how to thread to fix Avant rear wiper motor water leak?

    Hi Is there a how to thread to the fix on B7 rear wiper water leak. Try to get the rear lining off at the rear of the avant to check the pipework to the motor. Any help most welcome. Cheers A
  18. Molnboman

    airbag passenger seat wiring fix

    Ladles and Jellyspoons Can someone send me the thread to the Passenger seat wiring fix procedure to remove the airbag light warning. Can´t seem to find it. Thanks in advance, A