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  1. jase0851

    Wanted Audi s3 amk timing chain tensioner

    Hi I need a timing chain tensioner for my 2001 AMK s3 if anyone can quote me for a genuine one. Cheers
  2. jase0851

    new reiger front bumper fitted

    fitted my new front bumper today, it still needs fog surrounds fitting but i cant work out how to fit them ? maybe juss can give me some pointers. i might get a black grille suround aswell dont know yet.
  3. jase0851

    econ light on all the time

    i changed the climate unit today for one with heated seat controls and the new one has the econ light on all the time it wont turn off ? i didnt have a problem before i changed them, the heated screen light isnt working properly either when the button is presses it lights for a couple of seconds...
  4. jase0851

    anyone after a votex bodykit ?

    found this if anyone is interested
  5. jase0851

    b7 votex skirts on a b6 pics

    fitted these today, something different what do ya think, i havnt made my mind up yet
  6. jase0851

    r reg s-line i know this isnt a b6 but check out the optional audi halo lights.
  7. jase0851

    full votex kit on ebay
  8. jase0851

    votex sides anyone

    found these on ebay
  9. jase0851

    oettinger front

    does anyone know where to buy an oettinger front bumper ? havin a hard time findin one
  10. jase0851

    votex bodykit anyone

    came across this if anyone,s interested
  11. jase0851

    does anyone know the part number

    i cant find mt etka does anyone know the part number for the dis stalk
  12. jase0851

    black rear lights ?

    would these lights look ok on a black avant ?
  13. jase0851

    airbag relay

    i dont suppose anyone knows the number of the airbag relay which is pluged in next to the fuse box behind the lower dash ? mine is missing and i want to get my airbag system working cheers
  14. jase0851

    different offset and tracking

    i recently changed my standard 17" wheels for 19,s but the offset was different on the new wheels, original wheels were et45 and new ones are et35 do i need to have the tracking done ? cheers
  15. jase0851

    how do i get rid of sludge

    i have a small build up of sludge can i get rid of it with a forte flush and a couple of 3000 mile oil changes ? cheers
  16. jase0851

    steering wheel vibration

    to top of my recent woes i have yet another problem when i fitted my new tyres to the new gallardo wheels i bought a couple of weeks ago i got a lot of vibration when doing more than 60 so i had them rebalanced yesterday as i went up to glasgow today all the way there vibration above 60 ? so...
  17. jase0851

    where to start ?

    had an absolute nightmare lately it started of with me denting my wing on the sister in laws wall after havin my car 2 weeks insurance company wanted me to take it to ford i said no ill use audi expecting a good job n all that COLEBROOK AND BURGESS picked my car up left me with a poxy polo for 2...
  18. jase0851

    any detailers in the north east/ north yorks area ?

    does anyone know of any good ones
  19. jase0851

    interior light pack

    has anyone retro fitted the interior light pack eg, door lights footwell lights vanity mirror lights i have done the led roof lights just wondered if anyone has done this ? and is the wiring there ? probably isnt havnt checked just thought id ask here cheers
  20. jase0851


    is there anymore fuses apart from the ones on the side of the dash my leccy seats are both dead and the fuses are ok on the side of the dash ? cheers