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  1. Midtjyden

    Wanted - Audi A3 8v Facelift Air vent

    Hello I'm looking for the red/black RS3 air vents for my A3 8V from 2018, they sold it on K-electronics sadly no more like floor mats... Anywhere I can find these?
  2. Midtjyden

    Facelift Wanted - Audi A3 8V 2018, Facelift LED taillights parts/full kit

    Hello there, so I have the basic halogen lights on my Audi A3 8V from 2018, I am looking for the LED taillights with all the wiring required for retrofitting Halogen to LED. Hit me up on here or on PM's Thanks!
  3. Midtjyden

    Wanted Wanted - Audi A3 8V 2018, Facelift LED taillights parts/full kit

    The title says it all, I'm looking to get myself the LED Dynamic taillights, with adapters I currently have the horrendous halogen lights sadly.. But yeah looking for the LED's let me know if you got a pair for sale, trying to look on sites selling OEM parts but the godd***** parts are sold out..
  4. Midtjyden

    Facelift A3 8V Carbon Interior Trim/Bumpers/Kits

    Please delete if this doesn't apply to the rules, sorry! This has probably been asked for alot on the forums and I really can't seem to find any carbon interior trims for a decent price looking for help, by the way guys I'm trying to style my A3, sadly mine doesn't have the S-line exterior kit...