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  1. matttyk


    So I returned to my car to see some b*****d had left a dent in my front wing. This really upset me to think they didn't even bother leaving a note or apology. Now I have problem as it's a PCP car and I need to have this repaired so how should I go about it? It can't be done paintless as...
  2. matttyk

    Problems with VCDS

    I was hoping somebody could help us figure why my 66 S3 8V won't make any changes when using the VCDS Cable. @dandav1985 tried to activate flaps on exhaust, horn confirmation on lock/unlock + ability to switch it on and off in the menu. But after confirming and clicking 'do it' and receiving...
  3. matttyk

    Help please!!

    A little help would be much appreciated! I have started an instagram page all VAG. Mainly my 8vS3 and my friends MK7 Golf R but I'd love you're photos to post! @VagCarUK give it a follow! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk