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  1. Jetset

    Q5 Adblue, Q5 2.0 TDI 190

    Just wondered what range people were getting from tank of Adblue, Done 5K and the 1500 mile countdown has begun. Seems quite low.
  2. Jetset

    Overflowing fuel when filling up

    Had 2013 A4 2.0L TDI S Line for 2 weeks now. Filled it up 3 times and each time it has spurted diesel out from the filling pipe. Done it at 3 different garages so must be something with the car. Is there a breather pipe or something that gets blocked? Other than that enjoying the car, had a...
  3. Jetset

    Xenon Ultima Bulb

    Whilst in Kwik Fit the other day I noticed they were selling the above bulb on the counter. Looking at the packet they are a H7/H4 type replacement which claim to offer 120% improvement over halogens. I have changed my previous A3 bulbs for Philips Extreme Vision or something similar and...
  4. Jetset

    Sportback Boot Shape???

    Had a 59 plate A3 sportback 2 cars ago and had a fitted bootliner in it, now got a 12 plate Sportback quattro and the boot liner doesn't fit? I thought it was the same chassis etc until the new shape came out in 2012 (which mine is not)
  5. Jetset

    Emissions light on

    The wife set off to work this morning in our 2008 1.8T A4 and said it was misfiring, sounded like a tractor so she turned round after 1/2 mile and limped home. She said a light was on which she looked in the handbook for and turned out to be emmissions sensor light. Have rung thde RAC who are...
  6. Jetset

    Audi Used Car Finance

    My A3 170 company car goes back in Jan. I have decided to take the money and buy my own so am going to be hunting for an S Line diesel, ideally a 170 again. Just wondered if anyone knew how much room for negotiatation there was on the interest rate for Audi Finance. 11.6% seems to be there...
  7. Jetset

    Audi Warranty about to expire, which way to go??

    The years free Audi warranty we got when we bought the A4 is about to end at the end of the month. Have got prices from Warranty Direct, Warranty Wise and Warranty Works all of which are round about the £300 mark. To extend the Audi Warranty on named component cover only is £340. Trying to see...
  8. Jetset

    Headlight Bulbs

    Have done some searching through the Forums on this topic. Have also read Auto Express review and both seem to come up with Philips Xtreme Vision as being the best. Just wondered if anyone could provide feedback that have any experience if these are in fact the ones to go for. My A3 lights have...
  9. Jetset

    Vibrating Gear Stick

    When at low revs in a higher gear than probably should be there is an annoying vibration from somewhere around gearstick/leather gator. Has anyone else experienced this and been able to pinpoint and fix it? It stops if you hold geartick or leather gator but not sure if it can be tightened up??
  10. Jetset

    B8 S Line Power Steering Issue

    I have read many posts and have become used to the heavy power steering on our A4 S Line, it does in fact make my A3 seem like it's driving on ice after getting in it after driving the A4. I do wonder though if other people experience a knocking sound whilst turning the wheel at low speeds or...
  11. Jetset

    Brand New Parking Sensors for sale

    A few months ago I purchased a set of colour coded parking sensors from an ebay shop for the wife's A4. They are from the colour smart seller. Anyway she decided she had got used to parking it and we havn't put them on so they are surplus to requirements. They are ready sprayed in Audi Ice...
  12. Jetset

    Cleaning Products

    Just wondered what product people used to clean interior dash/plastics. Don't like the high gloss aerosol sprays and what works well on 1 car interior isn't always good on another. Also, got a water drip mark on rear plastic bumper, guessing polish may get it off? Going to wax A4 if it's...
  13. Jetset

    Retrofit Rear Parking Sensors

    Our S Line doesn't have sensors and not the easiest car to judge when reverse parking. My wife is main driver and we recently changed her golf for the A4 which is significantly bigger! To be fair though I find it much harder to park than my A3 sportback too so they are as much for my benefit...
  14. Jetset

    1st Gear Issue 58 plate 1.8T S Line

    Our new purchase is great apart from the issue with trying to get it into 1st gear when car is in motion. All other gears fine and it goes in if you double clutch but nowhere near as slick as my A3 Gearbox which has done 65k. Read alot of stuff on here about it since picking the car up before...
  15. Jetset

    S Line Leather Seat Colour and Touch up Pen

    Greetings, Recently changed wife's Golf for an 58 plate A4 S Line 1.8T. I have had a TDI 170 A3 for a couple of years as my company car but am loving the extra space, looks and equipment of our new addition. Just wondered if anyone knew the actual colour of the A4 Sline leather on the seats. I...