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    A4 B7 Avant S-Line just brought

    Hi Guy's, yesterday i brought an A4 as the title suggests. very pleased with the car so far the service history seems like it has had everything done at the right intervals or slightly earlier than needed. are there any certain things to keep an eye out on these particular models? i have the...
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    Hi There, i see your from Wycombe, can you recommend anywhere decent to get S3's serviced and...

    Hi There, i see your from Wycombe, can you recommend anywhere decent to get S3's serviced and repaired locally?
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    Shell V Power Club

    i thought the main benefits of this card was the air miles? and you get double airmiles when you have have the v power card, but you have to fill up with x amount for 3-6 months on the normal card then they automatically send you the v power card
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    Engine/exhaust rattle when letting off??

    well i did hit a rather deep pot hole the other day, only going at snails pace but it might of shifted something :S
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    Engine/exhaust rattle when letting off??

    yeah it does when i rev it while stationery too, but only just started to do it last week whilst driving. its a hard noise to explain i'd like to get it sorted though.
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    Engine/exhaust rattle when letting off??

    How can i stop it? its ****** annoying lol!
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    Engine/exhaust rattle when letting off??

    Hi Guys, My first issue since buying my s3 a few weeks ago, last week my car started to make a rattling noise towards the front of the car when i let off from accelerating. could this be a problem with the exhaust downpipe or something like that? i have no idea about mechanics etc so if...
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    is that thing easy to fit? sounds just like what i need!!
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    WOT stutter.

    I've just been getting this the last couple of days too, i'll check the coil packs on mine, i also get a slight rattle when letting off after accelerating hard in 3rd has anyone had this?
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    ESP On Or Off

    Same here :) it has only ever kicked in once with me and that was when i floored it round a roundabout. my drive to work is mainly motorway and in town driving so i have no need to turn it off to be honest. it's nice to see all the different views though because i had never even thought about...
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    Good Afternoon Everyone

    You'd get a good one for that budget! i need to learn my way round the engine bay so i know what im looking at before i start putting mods into it i get confused as soon as i pop the bonnet!
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    Good Afternoon Everyone

    yeah, its the blue one on there with silver nappa leather, i paid 3.5k for it on a W plate (2000) i hope it lasts :) Apparantly the blue i got is a rare colour Azure pearl/santorin pearl. have you found one for sale that has taken your fancy?
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    Good Afternoon Everyone

    Good idea! I'm also a noob and just went out and brought an S3 on saturday, had the tyres and brakes done this week and its going in for a haldex service tomorrow. Good luck :)
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Here are some pics of my purchase last weekend, 100% standard at the mo, until i get used to it. photos were taken from my phone so not best quality
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    What colour is my car?

    HAHA i'll be watching in my mirrors! Gould i got mine from luton but funnily enough the owner before me appears to be from maidenhead, i'm trying to trace through the service history to see when the haldex service was done as i cant seem to find it anywhere. know any local places to go for...
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    What colour is my car?

    I just brought my Audi S3 on saturday and its the same colour, the code shows as santorin blue, is this a rare colour then?