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  1. lil_coz

    Problems with orders for 1.8 TFSI S-tronic Quattro??

    Hey guys and girls. Not been on here for a while! Now I'm stuck, so thought I'd turn to you knowledgeable chaps and chapettes :) In Jan, my brother ordered a specced up A3 1.8 TFSI S-Tronic Quattro. We'd been to the same dealership we went to to get the S3, and used the same guy. Since I got...
  2. lil_coz


    Now is it me, or is EVERYONE using this nowadays? It just seems that every time I go on Facebook, someone is guaranteed to have a status update complaining about the most ridiculous little things and then ending it with FML. WHY?!?! Drives me nuts! For those who don't know what it means, it's...
  3. lil_coz

    Experimenting with fuel economy

    Thought I'd put a post up on how things went! It never started off as an experiment, it just moulded into one. Basically 2-3 weeks ago I drove down to the Isle of Wight. For me it's a shade over 200 mile round trip. When I left home, I had 3/4 of a tank worth of fuel and the trip down was...
  4. lil_coz

    Those of you with LED DRL's...

    Just want to check on something... I've noticed that the LED's get a lot dimmer when I'm using indicators on my car. So if I'm indicating left, the left LED's will get dimmer by a noticeable amount! The ones on the right stay as bright as normal. Is mine alone at doing this or is it normal? Cheers,
  5. lil_coz

    Derren Brown

    Anyone a fan? I personally think he's a great showman! I went to his show last night at the MK theatre for his Svengali tour. Absolutely brilliant! I don't want to give away too much with what went on, but it's the usual Derren Brown tricks. Complete mind f**k some of it! The way he manipulates...
  6. lil_coz

    Difference in hard drives?

    Just been playing around with laptops and what spec to go for and I have a question for the more informed of you lot. I've noticed that a 256GB Solid State Drive is FAR more expensive than a 750GB Serial ATA Hard Drive. What's the difference between the 2? Surely the one with more storage should...
  7. lil_coz

    Dreaming with configurators

    Bored at work? Get on a configurator and create a car! Here's my little summin summin. Maserati GranTurismo S. After speccing one up, it came to £104,177! I've always loved the GranTurismo :wub: Now.... if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to nip to the bathroom.
  8. lil_coz

    Bike fuel tank

    I'm no biker, but I'm guessing this would be somewhat distracting...
  9. lil_coz

    What gets your OCD going?

    Just a little thread to see what weird and wonderful pet hates you girls/guys have when it comes to your cars? For me it's the following: All the air vents must be centered, apart from the ones at the far right/left. These have to be pointing at the windows. The temperature on the A/C has to...
  10. lil_coz

    ****** snow!!

    Sat night was something that I was looking forward to. I was flying back to the UK and the plane was due to land in Luton at 21:40, and my plan was to go home and drop off my suitcases, then head straight out into town for a mate's birthday. Mother Nature and fate must have got together for some...
  11. lil_coz

    Porsche 964 Turbo 3.6 or Shelby Cobra AC 427?

    Here's another jojo-eske poll on which car would you have. Just been watching Bad Boys and after watching the final scene, it got me thinking. What car would I have out of the two. My answer? Not a clue! Every time I think the AC will just win my heart, I look at the Porsche and I change my mind...
  12. lil_coz

    Italian cruise ship Captain starts new job....

    ... as a bus driver.
  13. lil_coz

    Windows vs Apple dilemma

    I need a bit of help on this one guys and girls. I'll by buying myself a new laptop by the end of Feb. Now since day one, I've always had Windows. XP to be precise and I know how it works and am quite happy with it. I've always had Dell computers and laptops, and I can't really fault them. Now...
  14. lil_coz

    Would you put this back on your car??

    A mate of mine ran out of talent and hit a curb fairly hard and got a crack in his wheel. He said that until he buys a new one, he's going to swap it with a wheel on the back. I advised against it. Would you put it back on your car?
  15. lil_coz

    No power when pulling away & ESP light flashing?

    Today the car had another hiccup. I was waiting to pull out of a road, when there was a gap and I went to drive off. I went to pull away, when there was no power at all from the engine. It's as if I didn't press the throttle at all. I looked at the dash, and the ESP light was flashing for 2-3...
  16. lil_coz

    Prepare to make involuntary noises...

    This one will make you pucker up some what... Got to say, if that was me in the car, I'd need a new pair of pants! In this vid I can guarantee that you'll say a bad word while watching it! :racer:
  17. lil_coz

    Here we go - Hesitation issues

    The latest member of the tuned S3 club to have hesitation issues. I don't know if my problem is the same as others, but I'll go over my symptoms. It hesitates under load and at the points of hesitation, the engine light flickers. The car is an S-tronic, and it makes the same popping sound...
  18. lil_coz

    Board games

    Going to be having a few get togethers with mates of mine now that it's coming into the festive season, and we like to get out the occasional board game. Thinking of getting a new one, but wanted to see which ones you guys/girls like playing? Or if there are any interesting new ones that I don't...
  19. lil_coz

    'Liquid Lo' message in DIS?

    Hey guys. Just had an issue which stumped me. Mum was using the car and she said she had a message come up saying 'Liquid Lo'. My first reaction was the washer fluid light, but she said that the sign for the washer fluid didn't come on. Neither did any other light for that matter. I went to...
  20. lil_coz

    Folding mirrors when you turn engine off?

    Quick question, is there any way I can set the mirrors to fold automatically every time I switch the engine on and off? So when you turn it off, the mirrors fold up, and likewise when it's turned on, they fold back out? Also, on the coming home/leaving lights jobby, the LED's and the fogs...