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    Remap in ipswich?

    Is there any places to have it mapped. I think it's stage one but would prefer if it was custom mapped.
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    Any s3owners in ipswich?

    just wondering as I have seen a couple about
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    3inch tip fitted and full service

    just got my s3 back and I can't believe that the old tip wasn't even on the turbo properly and had split. I've noticed the dv isn't as loud is this because the tip was leaking? it's got a lot more go in it now which I like lol. My mechanic fixed and gave it a full service for £273.
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    which braided hoses and brake fluid are the best.

    Any help would be great
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    Remapping in Suffolk

    Is there any decent tunners in ipswich?
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    Hose kits?

    Does anyone know of a good quality kit that does all the hoses in black?
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    Advice on brake upgrade

    I need new brakes as the standard ones are crap. I like the LCR set up. How much do you reckon for the fronts and rears with red stuff pads and braided hoses?
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    Wing mirrors

    Don't know if my mirrors are standard they are chrome but they seem to have a blue mirror and I can't see jack when it's dark. Is there a colour coded surround and normal mirror I can buy. My car colour is silver.
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    New member

    Hello. My names David and I have recently bought a mint s3 8l. Thought I'd join this forum for advice and group buys lol.
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    Advice on upgrades plz

    I have bought a w reg s3. The previous owner has modified it. He lowered it, remapped it(250bhp) and changed the DV and air filter(kn cone filter) The worrying thing is the turbo inlet pipe is standard and wobbles about and I think the brake disks are warped. Is this an expensive job to upgrade...