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    Engine Rattle - Help!

    Yep. It's the issue with mine. Any source of parts in the UK you can reccomend? Might be cheaper to ship it out than buy one here. Bit annoying but what can you do? Out of interest how much time should it take a decent mechanic to do this?
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    Coilovers vs Springs

    Just lurking around... I've driven mine back to back with a standard suspension one and it's the best compromise around. Pretty cheap for what you get as well. And the 30mm drop is the perfect look on standard wheels
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    Coilovers vs Springs

    Gareth, you've seen my pics, get the Eibach kit. It still rides really well on Aussie roads but tightens everything up nicely.
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    Engine Rattle - Help!

    Just bumping this one up Mine does the exact same thing. Really starting to annoy me. Oil level is fine, only does it after a decent drive, doesn't do it after just a cruise. Any diagnosis yet? I'm thinkin of changing over to 10W40 to see if that helps. I don't like using 5W30 in this weather.
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    Lowered 50mm on 17"?

    I'm at 35mm on standard 17s. Love it. Best combo between driveability and handling
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    S3 not getting to normal temperature.

    Mine was doing that, changed the temp sender to green top, still doing it. Have a tstat, just haven't got around to it yet. Still getting 28-30mpg so must drive like a grandma
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    Timing Belt snapped!!

    In Oz they recomend 90000km (50k miles) or 4 years, whichever comes first. Mines getting done in a couple of months due to being at 3years and 6 months now. Cheap insurance imo
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    Paint bubbling/corrosion on edge of roof

    Have this issue. My local dealership (Audi Central Coast in West Gosford) has agreed that it is a fault, they know of others, and they will do it under the 12 year anti-corrison warranty that comes with the car. I can't rate this dealership highly enough. Excellent customer service even...
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    Two switch Questions...hazard switch and light switch

    Incorrect. I replaced the hazard switch as it was faulty (indicator staying on instead of blinking) but the noise remains. This was replaced with a new part.
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    Two switch Questions...hazard switch and light switch

    any input on the noise from behind the hazard switch would be appreciated as well I replaced the indicator/hazard switch and it still does it.
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    Shake, Rattle and Anti Roll bar bushes

    Just did mine - aftermarket part and in Australia but after conversion it was roughly 80 pounds of your money. Much better car to drive now
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    Driving Your S3 / A3 At Speed = Twats

    Mate. Get your hand off it. You come here, abuse people, then don't expect people to fire up at you? Go back under your rock.
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    Fastest S3

    Bug_Racer is a highly respected mechanic for VW/Audi in Sydney. Puts a lot of time and effort into his work. Good bloke from all accounts. Our paths are yet to cross, but will do when I get around to chipping mine. So lay off the crap.
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    (Another) knocking noise

    Yeah, I'm thinking this might be an issue as well. Seems to be common enough. I'll get the bushs done as they are knackered anyway, then see how it goes.
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    (Another) knocking noise

    did turn out to be the ARB bushes. Getting replaced tommorow Cheers
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    s3 indicators

    probably the indicator relay. Behind the hazard light switch. Pretty cheap part and an easy fix.
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    (Another) knocking noise

    I did consider that, but wouldn't that cause the knock to come from the front, rather than mid, of the car?
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    (Another) knocking noise

    Quick question Was pressing on through my favourite twisty bit of road on friday night when I noticed a pretty bad knocking noise directly under my feet, could actually feel it through the floor. Does not happen all the time, usually only when I hit bumps mid corner above 35mph, but also...
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    TYRE Recommendation Required - HELP

    I run Yokohama Advans in 235/45 17 Very good and sticky tyre
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    temp gauge

    Just replaced the temp sender on mine. Thermostat was fine. Cheap and easy fix