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  1. lenny151

    Sub frame inserts

    Looking to get these for my s3 anybody got them or anything like them, if so do they make much difference and are they worth the money? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. lenny151

    How to guide; audi a3/s3 door pocket lights guide

    Audi a3/s3 door pocket lights guide. Firstly, here are all the items listed below; that I used throughout fitting the door pocket lights. T20 Torx Flat head screw driver Small file Trim removal tool Drill Soldering iron Solder Wire cutters/strippers Insulation tape drill bit masking tape...
  3. lenny151

    S3 door pocket lights

    Just fitted some lights to the door pockets of my 2014 s3 will post a few more pictures later on but here's one for now if anyone would like to know how it's done please ask will be happy to help Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. lenny151

    p0420 catalyst system fault code

    p0420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1 Recently had this fault code come up when I scanned my car (s3 sportback 2014 ), so I rang my local Audi they said I can drop the car off but I they haven't got any courtesy cars for 5 weeks and I need my car every day, so they said ring...
  5. lenny151

    Anyone else running a jb stage 1 box?

    Recently changed my tuning box from a dtuk to a jb stage1. I am just wondering how anyone finds theres and also if they have had theres on a dyno yet? Thanks.
  6. lenny151

    Turbo Muffler Delete

    Just a few questions Is it worth buying? What ones the best to buy Apr or forge? Where sells Apr? Thanks
  7. lenny151

    start stop!

    Recently scanned my mates s3 cab and came up with implausible data received from esp control module when you start the car the start stop function doesn't work at all. If anyone knows what this could be would be much appreciated also when you clear the fault it immediately comes back up. thanks
  8. lenny151

    A3/s3 puddle lights?

    Has anyone retro fitted puddle lights to a 8v if so I need some help on the on what pin the wires go into? Any help will be much appreciated Thanks
  9. lenny151

    vcds footwell lights?

    Does anybody know if you can permanently have your footwell lights on at night, if so how is it done via vcds thanks
  10. lenny151

    anyone know were….?

    Does anybody know the bcm unit is on my s3 8v just can't seem to find it, As I am trying to retrofit footwell lights Any help will be much appreciated
  11. lenny151

    S3 inspection light

    Anybody know how to reset the inspection sign that pops up when you first turn the car on via vagcom Thanks
  12. lenny151

    s3 stage 1 !

    Think of getting my s3 mapped just wondering what sort of figures everyones getting and what companies? Thanks
  13. lenny151

    s3 footwell lights?

    Can anyone give any advice where I can buy footwell light kit from any any tips on how to fit them once fitted do they need to be turned on on vagcom? any help would be much appreciated thanks
  14. lenny151

    S3 seats

    Does anyone know if wingbacks/buckets fit in a straight in a new s3 8v? Thanks
  15. lenny151

    new s3 spec ideas?

    hello everyone looking to get a new s3 was just wondering what specs everyone has and what is worth having as what isn't worth having, look forward to seeing some replies? thanks
  16. lenny151

    help anyone? s3 smoking really bad and misfiring

    hi as the title says my 2009 s3 is smoking really bad and misfiring with no power only popped out to fill the car up with fuel and on my way back home the car died and lost all power the epc light came on when I started the car back up along with the engine management light flashing, managed...
  17. lenny151

    RNS-E help anyone?

    I have a s3 59 plate, It came with just the standard audi cd player so i bought a rns-e from ebay, now my factory aux port won't work its showing on source on the rnse but now sound can anybody help? Sure this would have been covered on here before if someone could send me a link if they come...
  18. lenny151

    s3 8p drl stopped working

    as tittle say i have a 59 plate s3 8p and the drivers side drl has stopped working, has anyone got any advice on fixing this or will i need a new complete headlight?
  19. lenny151

    can't decide rs3 8p or s3 8v

    as the title says can't decide which to get, i currently have a s3 8p sportback running around 310bhp have always wanted the rs3 now finally close to getting one but need some help deciding between the 2, as i am 18 my insurance is high at the minute on the s3 but got a quote on a rs3 and its...