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    Accident Ahead

    So on the way home yesterday I got a warning tone and an image on the VC saying “Accident Ahead”, with what also looked like a gps/satellite symbol. The image only lasted a few seconds and then disappeared. Mine’s a 66 plate and I’ve never seen this before. Is it something new or have I just...
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    Apple - CarPlay strange issue with Deezer...

    Anybody use Deezer with Apple Carplay? This has been working fine for months. However, when I now manually select a song from an album/playlist, it doesn't play and just plays the first song of the album/playlist instead. My iOS and Deezer versions are up to date, and have also deleted and...
  3. J

    MMI real time traffic colours

    I'm aware of the red/green/amber colouring for the real time traffic info. However sometimes I see a white line (see attached image)Any ideas what this means?
  4. J

    LED Interior Light Pack Vs Extended Interior Light Pack

    Hi Apologies if this has already been covered. Does anyone have any night pictures of the 'normal' interior light pack that comes standard on the S-Line? Regarding the extended pack, is the only difference that this is multi coloured, rather than white? Or are there extra interior lights too...
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    Keyless Go vs Convenience Key

    Hi I hope someone can clear this up for me as the brochure is confusing... So an A4 Sline Avant comes as standard with 'Keyless Go'. There's then an option of Advanced Key (which is also part of the Comfort and Sound Pack). What's the difference between Keyless go and Advanced Key? Is one...
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    A3 Sportback - Removing B Pillar Exterior Trim

    Hi all I have managed to scratch the exterior gloss black trim on the B pillar on my A3 1.8 Sline Sportback. Audi have quoted me £18 for the replacement part and £60 to fit it. First thought was the labour charge was a bit steep. Has anyone removed the trim themselves? How involved is it? I...