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    Ball Joint

    Hi Guys, Could someone let me know, how much you would expect to pay for a ball joint for an 04 a3 and how long to fit one?
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    A3 - 2004 Fogs wanted

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know of anyone selling front Fogs for 2004 A3, preferably second hand? Many Thanks, Paul
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    A3 Injector - Mechanical Knowledge required

    Hi Guys, My car cut out on saturday night, and I've just been told by the mechanic that its one of the injectors. Apparently he knew as he could start the car on three cylinders. He told me the injector would cost £500 plus VAT and another £100 in labour. All a bit of a nightmare at this time...
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    New Wheels

    Hi Guys, After what seems an age I've finally got a set of LM's for my A3. Below are before and after pics. Let me know what you think. After:
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    Light collision advice

    Hi Guys, First post here - though Ive been hanging around the site for a while. Yesterday I got a call from my girlfriend to say someone had driven into her whilst driving my car. She was upset as the three in the car that hit her (changing lanes) where aggresive towards her and blamed it on...