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  1. Grale1

    Wanted S3 8L Front and Rear door cards

    Anyone selling a mint set of black leather door cards with Bose speakers? Willing to post or a couple of hours drive from Redhill Surrey. thanks
  2. Grale1

    Rocker cover studs need helicoil

    As title says, I bought my engine second hand all built up but the studs for the rocker cover were removed and different style bolts used, cut a very long story short now, I need to replace the gasket to stop a oil leak around cam belt area by looks of it, I would like to reinstate the studs but...
  3. Grale1

    Silver project top mounts

    Hi guys, I've had a set of these adjustable top mounts sat in my garage in there box for a year or so. It's got to a point where my car tracking is really bad and just all over the show. I'm going to be fitting them asap but anyone who has fitted them have you left on the oem bearing that sort...
  4. Grale1

    Engine swop questions

    Hi guys I'm in a bit of two minds what to do, I have an S3 and the turbo went a couple of weeks back I have bought a bbt hybrid as a replacement. Now here's my real question I have an A3 Quattro that has a forged agu in it with a rebuilt head, I'm going to take that out over the coming week, the...
  5. Grale1

    Does anyone have contact with S3Jim?

    As title says been try to contact him for a few weeks not sure if his inbox might be full but if anyone speaks with him could you kindly point him in my direction please
  6. Grale1

    Alignment advice wanted

    Hi guys I have recently bought an S3 which has coilovers, when I bought it the back end was on the floor so raised it up to where I like it. Now can someone advice me on how many sets of adjustable rear tie bars I need to buy so I can get a four alignment done as it all over the show. Here is...
  7. Grale1

    S3 Gearbox / Diff question

    Hi guys, how common is the 6 speed gearbox for having a bad diff in it? I'm experiencing a pulling to the left issue the tracking is spot on the car feels heavy on the left like the wheel is dragging? I've had a new passenger side rrar brake caliper last week fronts are ok ( calipers ) there is...
  8. Grale1

    Help needed

    Hi. This afternoon I thought I would raise the coilovers on the rear of my S3, whilst I had the passenger side rear wheel of I found this pipe hanging. It looks like it runs somewhere around the diff / Haldex area any ideas of what it is?
  9. Grale1

    S3 coilover question

    hi guys I have recently bought an S3 which has coilovers on it, the **** end is on the floor as far as I'm concerned and want to raise it up 1/2" - 1" I have the C spanners. Now if I want to raise it which way do I turn the adjuster to the left or to the right? I assume I turn the bottom...
  10. Grale1

    Air con / temp gauge

    Hi guys I have noticed when I put the air con on the needle on the temp gauge comes down off 90 mark is this normal? It's had a new temp sensor and thermostat in the past 6 months? I'm new to this car as I only got it last Monday it's a 2002 S3
  11. Grale1

    Quick question about stereo's

    Hi I know this is more than likely in the wrong place. Anyways I bought an S3 the other night and it is a non bose can I buy the bose subwoofer and rear speakers and put the them straight in? Or does the wiring need to be changed? Would I need to buy the bose amp to run the subwoofer? Thanks...
  12. Grale1

    S3 advice needed ( possibly buying one )

    Hi guy just a quick one really, I have a A3 TQS with K04 etc etc, anyhow I have seen a nice S3 in grey for sale near me and I've always had a soft spot for one, I'll be honest here as I'm thinking of buying it and swooping my forged agu engine with rebuilt head into this S3. Now the real...
  13. Grale1

    Fuse problem

    hi guys I have a problem with one of my fuses keeps blowing as soon as I turn the ignition on. The fuse location is number 5 it's a 7.5A fuse listed as conv,electrics, navig, parking aid. Anyone have any similiar problems? I'm having a hvac issue and wondered if the two are linked
  14. Grale1

    2001 A3 Quattro Haldex

    Hi guys I'm at a loose end with my car, I had it mapped last week and since then it's highlighted that the haldex isn't working. I had it scanned and through 2 codes first one related to brake light switch which I renewed second code was 01155 which looks like it relates to pre charge pump, I...
  15. Grale1

    Anyone in or around West Sussex

    hi I could do do with some help if anyone has vagcom around West Sussex
  16. Grale1

    Badger5 Mapping Results

    Hi guys so on Thursday I had the pleasure of @badger5 mapping my A3TQ. The day started out badly for me on a personal note before I had even left the house, I made a slow journey up to Bill's were I met up with Phil Miller who had my car for the last couple of weeks. So once we had all had a cup...
  17. Grale1

    Budget coilovers

    hi guys I am looking into getting some budget coilover in the next few weeks and wondered what brand is good? I used to have the FK ones on my FWD A3 and now I have a A3 Quattro on a 2001 plate. So any recommendations would be much appreciated. Si
  18. Grale1

    Problem uploading pictures from ipad/iphone

    Hi I am having problems uploading pictures from my iPad and iPhone to this site? What am I doing wrong lol ?
  19. Grale1

    2001 A3 Arm Rest

    hi guys I'm looking for a new arm rest as mine is broken, will any arm rest's from other platforms fit?
  20. Grale1

    Fast road alignment

    hi guys I'm currently in the process of fitting new bushes on the early S3 wishbones I've fitted to my A3 TQS, and once ive sorted the bushes and changed to coilovers. Now would I need to get the adjusterable top mounts? And where can I get details of a fast road setup for camber etc. Thanks Si